Gummy Gobble



Now am I the only bloke on here getting aroused at the thought of Grannie here getting it on with the fat spudmunchingcheckoutgirl?

The bonus of an old woman when the get their tits out the lift the dress up an inch and there are the nipples all gangrene looking. And the oral must be great as you dont run the risk of teeth catching on your member but just the saliva as she numnumnumnums.


Book Reviewer
I'd do her. With 'Betty' the Baseball-Bat. As for her fucking grandmother . . . .
I'm please to see 'Rearwords' is earning a bit to top up it's pension.
Too young to be her Jarrod. Besides the granny resembles a woman.

Biped, why the Katie hating? Your not a *cough splutter* X Factor fan are you?
I'll keep my options open for a 'third' career when and if I get fed up with what I do now.

At 81 I take my hat off to her for innovation above and beyond.

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