Gumboots and Pearls

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Gas Gas Gas, Dec 28, 2002.

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  1. I have just spent Christmas with the Outlaws - very enjoyable as it happened.  However, contained in the pile of reading matter in one of the "smallest rooms" was Annie Jones' "Gumboots & Pearls".  A rather amusing "idiot's" guide to being an Army wife, particularly an Officer's wife.  

    Unfortunately, I only managed to read the first couple of chapters during my stay otherwise my frequent and/or prolonged visits might reflect on the Mother-In-Law's cooking.  However, I would say it is a "must" for any potential spouses.
  2. Good tip, Gassy.

    I am trying to get my paws on a copy as it is out of print.  The search continues.   There are a host of others which are similar but, I suspect, not quite so good.  When I have had more experience as an F_S, perhaps I will write a 21st century version.
  3. Funny how so many wives take it for a life manual rather than a giggle!  Pin badges on your Barbour lapel anyone? ;)
  4. Wonderful book!

    Got a copy as a wedding present from Ma-in-loo...
    Just finished reading the book in time for my divorce decree nisi....
    Burned all scuzzies bits, but kept the book!!!

    Much more fun in bed than he ever was!

  5. Also proud possessor of said publication. Looks a bit dated now and could do with a re-vamp. Suspect it's not PC enough for today's audiences though.
  6. Fluff PC....
    It's a comic....I mean please....while my monster-in-the-loo was happy to play footsy will sir fingle-me-pursey to advance hub’s career all she thought I should do was learn about the reg. colours and such tosh....fab woman, never have figured out why she hasn't shot hubby, son and co... I’d alibi her...hell I'd do the job for her!!! :lol:
  7. BBC - time to reveal all -and get that second one up - fill your boots!
  8. lost me MPS clarify please???
  9. Note you now have second - congrats - it's this bit that could do with a bit of, well, explanation / gory bits. Care to share?
  10. Are you talking in code???? Spit it out!!! or PM!!!
  11. Sorry BBC - I'm tired and emotional and clearly the worse for wear. Second refers to your elevation to clanker and the rest refers to what sounds like some good goss concerning your (former?) mothre in law. That help?
  12. What's a 'clanker', why should I be congratulated on being one? and should I be getting my handbag out for a fight?
    And as to monster-in-the-closet, unlike the ladies legs, my lips are sealed... :wink:

    here, big hug to make you better.....(__)

    God I need to get a life...... :?
  14. ...and just above them, the word 'clanker'...
  15. well medals are great. but the word clanker????
    what's that all about?
    what is a clanker?
    and why am i one?