Gumball Rally video

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Dread, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. As all those who know me will testify, I am a lazy búgger and I like cars.

    I have finally got round to loading the 2005 Gumball3000 rally onto my computer and making a DVD of it. However the DVD is almost 1 hour, so I grabbed a couple of sequences and chucked them onto YouTube (the quality is a lot better on the DVD):

    Clicky for silly driving

    I won't be bothering to load up the footage of the 2006 Rally (as it wasn't special apart from Serbia).

    Next rally I am doing is the CarbonBlack later this year in a Ferrari 575 GTC Le Mans special edition.
  2. Hmm, looks like it could be amusing, if ruinously expensive. Are there not a lot of Yahs that take part though; how do you resist tw@tting them?
  3. I have stopped doing the Gumball rally because the price went up to insane levels (especially considering the quality of the product they delivered). I have been offered an entry ticket for this year for 60,000GBP. I told them to poke it.

    CarbonBlack is a great rally and is being kept small and exclusive. Cost is between 15-20,000GBP and will stay arounf that level (with between 30 and 50 cars).

    As for the twáts, yes there are loads, but as they drive like poofs by the time they reach the overnight stop I am already drunk in some pub with a couple of other decent lads and so don't meet them.
  4. A very reasoned and calm response. I would have been tempted to offer assisted insertion. 60k for a point-to-point? FARKOFF! I'd sooner take up polo.
  5. [​IMG]


    Last year estate Agents Gerald Harrison, 27, from Glasgow, Scotland, and Marc Sharifi, 47, of Essex, UK, were caught in a speed trap doing 240kmph near Calais, France, whilst taking part in the Cannonball Run rally.

    The men were arrested and spent two days in cells. They each received three month suspended jail sentences and were fined 1,000euro.

    Mr Sharifi subsequently paid a further 88,000euro to buy back his Ferrari at auction. Mr Harrison's Porsche was sold to a Belgian buyer for 95,000euro.

    Police also swooped to arrest speeding drivers during the Gumball and Carbonblack rallies.

    In France cars can be confiscated if they are found to be travelling in excess of 50kmph over the speed limit, if the drivers are found to have a radar detector in the car or have driven recklessly.

    France is getting very unhealthy for that sort of activity...
  6. Fantastic vid, Dread, but what's that flap thingy that keeps popping up and down on the left? Or is that a mong question?

  7. It is a mong question - the Emperor would be proud! :)

    It is the left hand headlight of the Lotus Esprit we were driving at the time. Glad you like the vid. If you want to see the whole thing then PM me your address and I will post you a copy of the whole DVD (about 53 minutes).


  8. Great footage again, Dread. I forgot you used to do that Gumball thang.

    Bugsy. Even my doris knew what that 'flap thingy that keeps popping up and down on the left' was. Mong.
  9. Dread, remind me what the statute of limitations for dangerous driving is? ;)

    Good vid, but terrible youtube username.
  10. All those miles of roads and not one gypo at traffic lights with a squeegee to clean your windscreen! :D
  11. But only because your "Doris" is an ex-REME VM called Dave. :D :D :D

  12. Normally about 6 months. It is now 3 years since the footage was taken. Also there are only one or two places where you can identify exactly the country where the alledged offences were allegedly committed.

    As for the people who got scréwed by the French police I have surprisingly little sympathy. Apart from the fact they must have been stupid to get caught (never heard of laser jammers?), France is one of those countries where you do not go stupid on the motorways. Switzerland is another one.

    We didn't speed in the UK (much), France, Belgium or Austria because we knew the local plod were out to get us. Also on a long distance rally high speed is counter-productive: your fuel consumption increases almost exponentially causing much time to be wasted in tanking. Best cruising speed is about 90mph (varies according to car). This is quick enough to eat the miles but slow enough to only attract small-medium fines (if anything) from the plod.

    Of course it's a cr@p username, but one I used for flaming a couple of idiots a while back. I wasn't going to go through the bother of registering a new one, and I certainly wasn't going to use the one with my real name!

    @Dozy: though it is hard to see from the poor quality of the vid, we didn't stop at any red lights: we just eased our way forwards. Funnily enough any gyppos there were all dissapeared when we turned on our siren and lights :)