Gumball 3000 Rally 2006

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dread, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Just to let you all know that the 2006 Gumball Rally starts in London on the 30 April, and I will be one of the teams partaking of this event (again).

    The route is London - Brussels - Salzberg - Vienna (hill climb event) - Budapest (party) - Belgrade (get cars onto a cargo plane) - Malaysia (serious party and GP fun) - Bangkok (cars get back onto plane) - Salt Lake City - Los Angeles (Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion).

    I am not sure what car I will do it in: my co-driver is 'umming and aahing' over buying a 612 Ferrari. But he won't. Bstard. So it looks like either a Porsche or a 350hp Mini (the new type).

    So if any of you are in London on the day, then head down to central London (either Trafalgar Square or Regents Street) to see the cars (about 20million quids worth of Veyrons, Zondas, Enzos et al). Should be around 100,000 other people there (or just watch it at home on Sky).

    More details to follow, as well as any news if I can get more tickets to the opening party the night before (was rather good last year!).


    Car 72 in 2005
    Car 72 in 2006
  2. you lucky lucky b4stard!!!!

    if my numbers come in, thats one of the first things ill be doing trust me!!

    Can u say hi to the Cuban Brothers for me?? Miguel Mantovani and Clemente' "my brother also my uncle" Rodriguez crack me up on the website clip of them!! that is 30-40 mins of howling with laughter for me!! :lol:
  3. I'll echo that too you lucky barsted! You in the Esprit last year? How the feck did that make it more than a mile??
  4. Lord Flash! I am indeed honoured by your presence (I have some Albanian mates if you ever want a certain pentwhiners legs broken btw).

    The Lotus would have been trouble free apart from the donuts we pulled at Dover and in Belgium: hence us flying out a mechanic with a new clutch from Manchester on the second day to Prague and us spending 7 hours in a garage instead of sleeping and partying. :)
  5. By the way ASS: the Cuban boys have a nasty habit of getting naked all the time (Caprice wasn't too impressed!). Quite, quite scary. Like being a new lad in the Commandos!
  6. Lol. I seem to remember seeing you on the TV when they did a few episodes of 2005.

    As they say...Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious.

    Good luck for this year anyhow.
  7. fcuk me, if u need a mechanic this time, im in between jobs!!

    i can change whatever you like for the price of a flight ticket, a hotel room, a hooker and a few beers!! :D

    either that or lend me a 911 and ill drive there myself, ensure it has a roof rack for any bulky items i need to change!!
  8. Is Miguel ex Royal Engineers?!! :lol:
  9. Lucky bugger!

    Isn't it about 40 grand to enter now?
  10. Painted in ARRSE coloured stripes I hope?
  11. Entry price for first timers this year is 40,000 quid. If you have done one previously it is only 30,000 smackers.

    I have sent a message to GoodCO asking him to email me an Arrse logo (up to 30x15cm) that I can place on the car.
  12. Do you have any idea of next years route Dread? A friend of mine is entering and wants me to co-pilot his Mk IV Toyota Supra. I'm not sure either of us really know what we're letting ourselves in for, but what the hell, you only live once.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Good luck Dread, sounds like a blast! Better than sat in the M25 traffic jam!
  14. No idea where the 2007 route will go, or even if there will be a 2007 rally. There are rumours (as ever) that Max may take a break to concentrate on the brand and selling the clothes and other 'lifestyle' pap that he makes his money from. People were saying the same thing last year though.

    Australia is out (banned as a person on another rally was killed in a crash), South America is too dangerous (as is Africa), Europe is being done to death, Russia hasnt the roads, and China has proven too difficult or expensive.

    So if it happens, then possibly Canada to Mexico?
  15. That would be a great route especially if it started in Alaska instead.

    Edited to add - pity you can't do Australia. Perth to Sydney would be great but would probably require extra fuel tanks being strapped to thirsty supercars when crossing the Nullaborra Plain!