Gully accident

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by avtur, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Now then

    I remember a few years ago watching a documentry on an Army expedition in to a gully. It all went wrong and the party had an accident and split up. Some to stay put and the others go off for help. I remember that it was a joint expedition with members from another nation.

    I can not remember the following.

    What was the name of the Gulley?
    Where was it?
    Is there an accident report available to read anywhere on the net?

  2. Not as such - however, in Sep 94, Major General Patrick Cordingley took the unusual step of publicly announcing the findings of an Army Board of Inquiry into Operation Gully Heights. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neil and Major Ronald Foster were both severely criticised. The Inquiry said their leadership and judgement had been "flawed and over-ambitious".

    You may find the announcement complete if you care to root around the interwebmatrix.
  3. I was at BMH Hong Kong when they were rescued, they were all brought in for checks and treatment.
    The officer in charge thought himself to be some what of the hero of the hour, although the rest thought he was a tosser. He arranged a press conference at the hospital without actually informing anyone in the hospital.
  4. FF: heard that one before. Allegedly, he was the height of arrogance during the board.

    ISTR that both commissioned careers were halted (though the Colonel was close to retirement anyway): shortly thereafter, I believe both elected to....errm...... spend more time with their respective families.
  5. thew... thought the thread was about the other incident at Hully Gullys :hump: ....
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Hully Gullys, went there for a pizza once. Imagine my surprise when...
  7. I seem to remember that the Major was same guy who took a bunch of remf from Aden up into bandit country. Mid-60s. Called it adventure training. Respect to him if my mong memory is at fault
  8. I have just done a presentation to a High Risk and Remote (HR&R) panel. They mentioned this exped as the reason the Army came up with the HR&R panel to make sure all the bases were covered.