Gulf, will we ever get there!!!

Does anyone know what the hells going on?

I as a lot of others are Gulf bound. I’ve known this for almost 5 weeks now. We packed the kit, wagons gone weeks ago.

Then we were sent on leave, awaiting our flights.

So far 3 flights cancelled, one total waste of time in going to Brize, & its really getting up my nose. I’ve said good-bye to my family that many times, I’ve lost count.

Is there anyone actually in charge of this farce?

It really makes me wonder how the hell did Armed Services win the Falklands back, as it appears we cant even organise flights to Kuwait, let alone the transport to get us to Brize.

And before anyone says yes I've maintained contact with my unit, & they are admitting that there is nothing but confusion out there & have no idea exactly when.

New flight date 27th if we are lucky.

It will all be over before most of us get out there. :mad:
Don't get me wrong it not that I’m in to blood & guts etc.

If anything I’m not even sure why we are going, other than St Tony has dicked us again.

It’s the frustration factor, the BSM gets us all worked up & firings on all cylinders.

Then we sit around not knowing if we are coming or going. My boyfriends in the same situation he’s with a Field Hospital & they haven’t got a clue when they going.
In answer to your question GG, I doubt if any one does know what's going on, they never have known what is going on and never will - welcome to the British Army, hurry up and wait!!  

For the Soldier patience is indeed a vitue  :-/
Having worked many years in industry, we had a golden rule, Never, Never, Never let the personnel dept organise anything.

Who's organising this liitle business?


War Hero
by the sounds of things its a cluster the deployments being slowed because the infrastructure out there can barely support whats there.
Done that, almost arrested  ;).

Now bored with life in general. Apparently Cyprus as a pre training stepping-stone is on the cards.

Limissol here I come, does any one know if the Galatec still there?


On the last Arrcade (con)Fusion.  Movement Operations had a mare -movement orders came thru days late.  This was all theoretical with no actual traffic... when this happens for real, I'm sure that the wheel of shame will do its best  ;D  

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