Gulf war's missing SQMS.

Can anyone remember the name of the Staffy who decided, just before deploying to the Gulf war, that he didn't want to go. Someone told me that it might have been the now MTO at 3, but I'm not sure. Any ideas.............answers on a postcard please. The staffy was in 661, he was probably scared off by Ginge Gardiners single eyebrow.  
And while your on the subject, I knew the AAC staff car driver at HQAAC when it was in Bielfeld (have I spelt that correctly), and he showed me some photo's of a gazelle crew flying around the desert, with a Sooty glove puppet sticking out of the cab window waving to the troops on the ground, literally minutes before they ploughed in !  The passenger was taking the photos’.  Who was that crew, and if I remember correctly, didn't they get grounded and bust?  Excellent stuff, only happens in the Army !
Yeah I had to go and guard the cab before the accident investigation team showed up. The aircrew were doing a bit of flash flying, duty posing, dont know about the sooty puppet.They were doing a few low fly pasts when they had a blade strike on the ground and piled in. I believe they were both posted out immediately, don't know about getting busted though. Probably arguing over the size of their wallets ;D
Morning Doctor Evil (said with a shudder),

If I can remember what my mate said, the two were low flying over ground troops, with said Sooty puppet sticking out of the window.  They 'buzzed' a US convoy, flying along it's route, again the said puppet waving at the troops.  They then did what you said, an extremely low level fly past near (either) a CP or cook house tent, when they piled in.  Residents of CP or cook house rushed out to pull all four out of the wreckage.  All survived, except Sooty.  Both were kicked out of the Gulf and back to (me thinks) Detters.  Snooty was buried, and the pilots went up in front of Command Aviation BAOR.  I'm probably misquoting now, but he stated something along the lines to both pilots that they'd never fly for the AAC again, and he asked for their wings back.  He then went on to say if he had his own way, he'd make them both pay for the Gazelle !!  Both returned to ground duties (sigs and MT).  Both became 'disenchanted' and PVR'd.  That's how I remember the story, nothing secret about it, and apparently both made a joke about Cmd Aviation screaming and turning purple in front of them in his office.  Would have liked to seen that !   :D

And my mate, the staff car driver, used to have to bull and polish the Commanders shoes every night !!  Plus he had to help out with household duties in the Commanders residence (cooking and cleaning) !!  Does this still go on?
So Dr Evil you know all about my "eyebrow incident"? ;)

Not too hard to guess who you are then??  As you were obviously party to the tent of doom :D

Our Q man came with us but got casevac back to BAOR during the campaign and was replaced by a BCR.
Ah Ginge how nice to hear from you, Taff Price was that his name. I think the name of the Gazeele jockey was Ned Kelly, am I right.
The Gaz pilot was Al Camley and Ned Kelly was the AC and master puppeteer. Al left the Army more or less straight away I believe, but Ned did his 22 and is now an Apron Manager at Liverpool airport.
Was the SQMS that went back a guy called Andy Lee, grey haired guy with stupid tufts of hair on his face. Who remembers when Bernie Fowler drove into a T55 tank pit!
Wasn't he a Coldstream Gdsman?

What happened to Bob thayer?
Hiya Biggles well steve randles was the 661 sigs sgt, he took over from john gaukrodger (i think) john went to 652 sigs steve randles got SQMS then 661 sqn group were tasked and steve didnt want to hoooo
Wrong answer sez, Steve Randles was the Sig Sgt of 661, I know I bumped into him in the sandy place.


Are y'all kidding me..........NED KELLY made aircrew!!!!!
Is this the same Ned Kelly that was an airtrooper back in the dark days in Hildesheim or Detmold.  
Isn't he the one who tried to 'Dig in' with an Allouette entrenching tool ;D
Kenny, yes I think so. He was an Air Gunner when I arrived at Detmold(I think ???)

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