Gulf War veteran fears he may be deported

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 15, 2006.

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  2. feckin cnuts.

    does this run along side the new ruling regarding south africans ????
  3. grosser feckin cnuts.

    You lay your life on the line for this f*cking country and then get griddled for your effort......... :pissedoff:
  4. But hey all is not lost if you're a murdering rapist peadophile you can come to the U.K. and claim benefits after three months and fill our jail space and then vanish once released!!! yeah!
  5. Steven Quill tell the erseholes to f**k off. If they can allow every other terrorist sympathisers into the UK then they will allow you and your family to stay because you are a citizen by right by your parents backgrounds.
  6. How many awful scum have they let in and given permanent leave to remain, or citizenship and assylum to, like the Kosovans who run the drugs and prostitution in London and the Somalis who shot WPC Sharon Breshnevski (Sp?) and so on and so forth, and a guy who is British by British Parents, who happens to be born over seas and has served in the Army is now being denyed the benefits of citizenship he rightly deserves. Its a scandal and should be sorted out as soon as possible. Why does this loonie labour government welcome with open arms people from nations with nothing to do with the UK and no parents who have UK ancestry, but this gent gets turned away? Madness
  7. I agree entirely, Gearsy, it's a shameful and quite disgraceful state of affairs. But if you think that this only applies to unfortunate people like Steven Quill, get a load of this:

    My very good mate, Brian S transferred from the RAMC to the REME when we were in trade training. He was already a qualified mechanic from civvy street. He served 12 years and then decided to get out, since he'd met and fallen in love with a Frog biddy. We actually had a double-wedding in Switzerland: he (English from Coventry) married a Frog and I (Irish from Dungarvan) married a Wop.

    While my marriage is still blissfully content, Brian's was rather more stormier. So after working for Renault as an engineer for eight years, he decided to return to the UK after the inevitable divorce in 1997. He had studiously paid all national insurance and other stoppages during his time in France.

    When he returned to th UK, he was unable to find work in his field in the UK immediately (the British automotive scene being as it was at the time), so he applied for Jobseekers Allowance to tide him over. His application was turned down!

    He was summarily informed that his "centre of life/interest" was not in England and therefore he was not entitled to any benefits whatsoever. It was, however, mentioned that, if he been Irish (from the ROI), he would have been entitled to benefits, due to the contribution of the Irish to building canals, houses and what the fück have-you from the early days of the empire!

    Brian appealed against this obviously unjust ruling and was granted a tribunal hearing in May 2000 (this was almost THREE years after his original application!). At the tribunal he was admonished, in no uncertain terms by the "Head Tribunaler" (meaning the fückwit in the middle of two others), that any outbreaks signalling any disprespect to HM gobment or England in general would result in his application for compensation for the interval being denied. I know, I was there!

    So, Brits, don't be so smug when you think you're gobment's after the best for you. They're not!!! Instead, they're just thinking about further ways of fücking you over!!!

  8. simple, he should get an Irish passport (those guys are easy, I should know) and hey presto, he can live in the UK, cos all Paddies can, even before the EU thing, claim benefits, get his teeth pulled out, the lot
  9. I am sorry to hear that your mate also got messed about, seems to be a case that they will stop at nothing to mess about the honest "normal" little person, but fall over themselves giving benefits and asylum to every waif and stray from any where!

    Glad we agree about something Bugsy !!
  10. Oh, well said indeed, laandn-eye-rish! What a card you are! :D :D :D

    So why don't you have your gob mounted vertically and then grow a van Goch beard, so that you at least look like what you are!!!"

  11. It is disgusting, but this case and others like it is down to one thing.

    TARGETS, these are useless goals created by a useless government.

    This man was singled out purely to fill the quota for that month, and because
    there was a good chance he wouldnt fight the judgement and leave of his
    own accord, were as if they had singled out an Albanian, Algerian or a Morrocan every
    human rights lawyer would be lineing up to fight for their case.

    I hope everything works out for him, along with other decent folk in the same
    prediciment as he is not alone.
  12. Well said, indeed, Roadless!!!!

  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What a feckin load of 'ollocks! It's on par with the Gurka fiasco & the Gov need to wake up & see just what a farce this country is turning into! My Dad,born in Belfast,joined the RAF & flew Lancasters in WWII,Settled in Birmingham & married my Mother returned to Belfast in 1982. Because he paid his stamp in Britian,the Gov took £16.00 a week off his pension!!When I was made redundent from the RAF in the 90's,I had to rent private as I did'nt qualify for a housing exec place.Even tho I,like us all,offered my life to the crown if you're a respected citizen you get sh1te! Asylum seeker...Come on DOWN!!!
  14. I wouldn't want people to confuse us
  15. It's only when you try to do these things the legal, honest and previously acceptable way that things seem to go tits up; make a devious plan involving Eastern European slave-traders etc and I've no doubt things will swim along towards full entitlement to every benefit available. On other threads I've previously mentioned a chap here in Zimbabwe who tried to join the British Army (AAC) on the basis that he is a fully qualified commercial pilot, highly capable in all sorts of other areas, but sadly white and with a Zim passport. They wouldn't even think of him for a commission, but he was offered the chance to join as a soldier. I myself, after leaving the service, and after living abroad for a number of years, was told when I answered an advert for a badly-paid (but good in trade terms) position with the Security Service that I couldn't be considered as I hadn't been resident in the UK for the previous five years. They and the Inland Revenue aren't talking, apparently. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that if I'd ticked every weird 'disabled' and 'effnik' box in the more-than-equal opportunities form, and said that I spoke Arabic with a jihadi accent as I'd spent all my life in one of the 'stans teaching advanced chemistry, they'd have sent a limo to get me to the interview.