Gulf War Syndrome Real Says Independant Inquiry.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. This should provide some comfort to some friends of mine who are no longer the people thry used to be sin we went out to GW1.

    But still a Govt cromy tries to wriggle out of it by getting upset because there is a lack of transparancy in the reports backers.
  2. I believe that there is an illness, most likely caused by the use of depleted urainium used by us than the effects of nerve gas allegedly used by the Iraqis.
    Being pumped full of all of those drugs probably didnt help either.

    Unfortunately, as well as all of the real cases, there have been a number of people trying to jump on the band wagon, these have been exposed but it didnt help the guys with the actual illnesses cause.
    It should be recognised, and those diagnosed should be helped both fiancially and medically.
  3. Abou time somthing was said ! I spent 4 days in king collage being tested , and guess what .. they were not allowed to tell me the result´s ! Got afew friends who got real problems from G.W. 1 , and there not in good shape,
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  4. From the BBC:

    So Caplin, you liar. Yes - LIAR! What reptiles have funded your slimy party and its ventures over the last seven years? Ecclestone? The Hindujas? Casino magnates? If I ever see this s#!t, TCH or Bliar I will spit in their face. :evil:
  5. Well said, Mr PVRd.

    Perhaps New Labour would also like to consider the 'financial backing' of some of their own MPs - Keith Vaz and Mohammed Sarwar, for example, not forgetting the erstwhile George Galloway.

    Curious that when they employ someone biased in their favour to chair an inquiry and reach the 'correct' conclusion for them, it's entirely acceptable - Butler and Hutton, for example.

    Disgusting creatures, every last one of them.