Gulf War Syndrome - latest admission

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    See today's Telegraph:

    Selected Quotes:

    "Soldiers sent to the 1991 Gulf war were given a combination of vaccines that were known to cause serious side-effects and that were not licensed for use in Britain.

    Lord Bach, the defence minister, admitted yesterday that this was done despite warnings of the risks issued by the Department of Health and the deputy chief medical officer."

    "But its written response to Lord Morris makes clear that it was given a warning on Dec 21, 1990, in a fax from the deputy chief medical officer that it should not use the whooping cough vaccine pertussis with the anthrax vaccine.

    The ministry said last night that it had not ignored the warning.

    "We did look at it and we did take it seriously," a spokesman said. "But our analysis was that there were no long-term side-effects on humans."

    Obviously their analysis was complete arrse, then; either that, or Soldiers don't react like other humans.
  2. MoD human = Monkey. So, the MoD is either lying, or gave soldiers a different set of stuff not tested on 'Humans'.
  3. finally the truth begins to surface.
    Bad enough to suffer the ill effects of Gulf War Syndrome without your employer and comrades dismissing you as a malingerer,weak or a liar.
    Perhaps this news will herald the beginning of the MOD finally taking responsibility for it's actions.
    The Septics are facing this head on.....Frustrated by the continuing mystery of why thousands of veterans of the first Gulf war came home sick, or became ill after they returned, the "post deployment health assessment" already administered to every service member on a prolonged stay overseas, was revised and expanded just before this conflict in Iraq.
    It asks questions about symptoms ranging from runny noses to chest pains, as well as possible battlefield exposure to chemical and biological agents. In addition to completing the four page questionnaire, each returning service member must supply a blood sample, which is stored permanently. Every sample is tested for the AIDS virus, then filed away for comparison with samples the donor may provide in the future.
  4. Wot blood test? Did I miss something? :?
  5. They just don't know when to stop lying to us do they. This is an absolute disgrace. Remember seeing one Gulf vet who was dying of something nasty, on a documentary about 3-4 years ago. He was *****ng wasting away. His family were in bits. He's since died along with many others and these c*nts have only just admitted that they ignored the rules?

    I'm f*cking speechless. Lets drag them into the streets and shoot them through the head in front of their families, because thats what they f*cking well deserve. They've cracked on with life since the first outcry and they haven't given a f*ck about it, deniying evrything and blocking compensation payments when they could. That c*nt Reid was even denying it up until a few months ago. Fuckin*Jock commie bast*rd.
  6. Can I have a waank over you Ma? You got me all hot with that lot :D

    On a more serious note, this is par for the course and we shouldn't be surprised about it.
  7. are a very strange individual. Try MDN though, he's up for anything :lol:
  8. Perhaps a little drastic, but this opens the way to a real investigation-but when the wnakers responsible for Potters Bar and other rail crashes walk away due to their connections to government, what hope have we for justice over this one?
  9. And I couldn't agree more FtB.......this country has gone to the dogs. Anybody read the 'comment' in the Mail on Sunday (It's the wife's paper not mine honest) about the black kid who sued the Government for failing to provide him with a suitable education.......he won £74,000!

    He was recently sued himself by the Prison Warder whom he had taken hostage in a prison riot. He'd threatened to kill the warder. He bagged his head and tied him up then gave him a shoeing. The PW won only £7,500.

    There is something wrong about the UK with all this shit going on.