Gulf War Syndrome II


Just seen the news on BBC:
4 Soldiers are claiming symptoms similar to GWS and are planning to sue the MoD.
Their solicitor claims that they were given a cocktail of vaccines - up to 5 in a day.
Now my unit did a similar thing, saying that it was only dangerous to give multiple 'live' vaccines.  Apparently you can have quite a few 'dead' ones in a day with no problems.

Is this perhaps a case of a few jumping on to a bandwagon?

I do believe that people were made ill by poor health care in GW I, but I also believe (hope!) that this was sorted for GW II.


I would like to see if the symptoms could be quantified or proved with scientific testing or if it could be a case of psycosomatic illnesses
And look at the weasels who are complaining, see just where they come from.

Multiple vaccines?  Anybody else who went 'suffer' from this occurrence?


if you ill surely you see a doctor before a lawyer ?
    but you would probably be pissed off if you ready to
go to war then made sick by stuff whic is supposed to
protect you
I don't think it's necessarily a 'Gulf War' thing.  Some people react badly to vaccines no matter when and where given.  I react badly to Tenus jabs - D&V and lightheadedness (is that a word?) for a couple of days, but it's in my notes, and I'm always ok after 48 hrs or so.  The problem is (IMHO) that when we vaccinate en masse more people suffer at the same time, so become 'poster boys' for the next round of anti MoD journalism.

We currently have a soldier who has reacted terribly to NAPS, only lasted 5 wks in the Gulf and had to be casevac'd because they thought she had a stroke - not good at 23.  Now nothing is confirmed, and there is every chance that at least some of it is 'stress' related.  Luckily she is not a 'bandwagon' type, and just wants to get to the bottom of it, but the help she has received from the med cen is pretty atrocious.  For example on her return the doc didn't even examine her - and at that point she'd had 4 different diagnosis from 4 different docs in theatre - all he said was 'we'll go by the last diagnosis - here, have a weeks sick leave'.  She only received proper treatment when her father took her to a civ hosp after she collapsed at home!  Now she is in the care of the Gulf War veterans Society (I think that's the title), who are arranging tests and the like, and hopefully she'll receive an answer at the end.

The MoD seem scared to get involved, maybe for fear of claims/backlash from the public, whereas surely the soldier is the most important part of the puzzle?  You'd think they'd want an answer as much as the rest of us....

(oh, and we didn't receive a 'cocktail' of drugs in one boost - ours were very spread, although the 'force' used to get us to have Anthrax jabs was questionable at the very least, and at worse bullying/blackmail)
When I was mobilised through Chilwell it was standard practice for soldiers to get all of the necessary jabs in one hit - so if you were out of date on them all you got the lot in one go.  Anyone at the MoD who denies this is lying.  

Talking later with the medics at the unit I was posted to they told me that this was something that should only be done in emergencies - otherwise it was at least a week between shots (some consist of 2 vaccines though) and more if any reactions occurred.  Oh, and no shots if you have a cold of any sort.  Were these guidelines followed at Chilwell ?  Not in my experience.  

In theory of course the TA soldier is always up to date via their unit - in reality no-one is ever vaccinated via this route so a lot of people got them all on the same day.  Just another example of the lack of care the MoD exhibite towards their employees health.  

I know of one case where the individual concerned should not have been vaccinated - and had their medical records been checked as required they would not have been.  However this did not happen and they got the shots anyway.  Luckily for the MoD the individual concerned suffered no lasting effects and does not wish to make a fuss.  

And while we are on the subject who else had their medical records lost by Chilwell ?  Who else signed a consent form for their doctor to release records on pre-existing conditions - who were never contacted.  The whole thing stank of underfunded rushed incompetence to me.  

Lets face it, some of those sueing may well be ambulance chasers - however the incompetence the MoD displays in medical matters towards service personnel means they will proably win regardless.  And those who have been genuinely harmed by the MoD deserve every penny.