Gulf War syndrome 'does exist'

Probably of little interest to all you young puppies out there - perhaps this should be in the historical section? I was slightly surprised to find that the subject has hardly been mentioned on this fine website.

Gulf War syndrome 'does exist'

Scientists in the US say they have demonstrated the existence of the illness known as "Gulf war syndrome".
The findings are in a report by the influential Research Advisory Committee on Gulf war veterans' illness, leaked to the New York Times.

Committee chief scientist Professor Beatrice Golombe said that exposure to certain substances in the Gulf may have altered some troops' body chemistry.

The study was welcomed by British veterans of the Gulf war.

The secretary of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Benevolent Association, Noel Baker, said the US research was "very explosive".

He added that the Ministry of Defence, which has always denied the existence of a syndrome, would "have to take notice" of it.

"This is very, very senior research. It's not by any private venture or by someone with an axe to grind."

He described the attitude in the US as one of "genuinely wanting to find out if there is a problem.

"In the UK, the MoD doesn't want to find the truth".

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on the leaked report.

A spokesman said the ministry's position on the syndrome was well-documented, and that there were on-going studies into it.

The ministry argues that there was no single cause of the illnesses reported by veterans from the conflict.

Thousands of veterans of the 1991 war suffer from unexplained poor health.

Servicemen and women from the US, UK, Canada and France who took part in the operation to drive Saddam Hussein's forces from Kuwait have reported one or more symptoms, including memory loss, chronic fatigue and dizziness.

'Really ill'
Many continue to suffer from chronic and debilitating illnesses more than a decade since the war.

However, scientists had until now been unable to establish their causes.

The US report said the troops' problems were definitely caused by exposure to toxic chemicals rather than stress or psychiatric illness.

Potential sources include Iraqi nerve gas and drugs given to the troops to protect them from chemical weapons.

"Gulf war veterans really are ill at an elevated degree and several studies bring consistent findings that about 25%-30% of those who were deployed are ill," Professor Golombe told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

In July, a study funded by the Ministry of Defence and carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine involved more than 40,000 former soldiers.

It found veterans of the 1991 Gulf War were more likely to report symptoms of ill-health, but similar symptoms were reported by both those who did not serve in the Gulf.
Hackle wrote:
one or more symptoms, including memory loss, chronic fatigue and dizziness.
Christ! It must be contagious ‘cause it sounds like me every morning. :lol:
Flying Felix said:
Hackle wrote:
one or more symptoms, including memory loss, chronic fatigue and dizziness.
Christ! It must be contagious ‘cause it sounds like me every morning. :lol:
drink more water?
Historical Section!!! Cheek!
Mind you, out of the many of the people I went there with most say that since returning they 'arn't right'. Many have a weakend immune system, a couple have become epileptic and most of us just don't feel right anymore. The strange thing about GWS is the non-specific symptoms, if you look at a symtoms list you'll find just about everything under the sun listed there. It's nice to see progress in this field though.
Thanks to Speedy and other respondents, witty and/or factual.

I suggest we keep a bleary eye on further developments. Wonder what effect this new info from USA will have on the British Legion-sponsored inquiry? That doctor originally employed by MOD to look into the syndrome was a right cnut.
from Terry Walker ,gulf war wet. who is at the inquiry

Of the 40,000 troops that took part in the UK study none were from the 5,000 or so who reported the illness.
The yanks are doing more for its troops then the MOD are for ours, The gulf war illness inquiry has stopped short of finding out about DU, the MOD has also refused to take part in the inquiry and sent of letters to these, who are working and doing the research into gulf war illness, not to give any evidents at all to the inquiry.
One person who did give evidents and who had a letter from the MOD and who has been calling for the inquiry was Col Terry English, but he waited until he had (retd) from the RBL.

Veterans from the first gulf war are 3 times more ill then any other veteran from any other conflict that is held on record.

Terry Walker

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