Gulf War Syndrome - A Reality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. I can only hope that this 'fund' will adequately recompense those that have suffered - and their families. It will be interesting to see what the comparative worth of any award is in the UK and the US - if any.

    Click here for full story from Sky News
  2. Many of my friends who served their with me in 90-91 have not been the same since. Some found they were more succeptable to illness on their return and quite a few are affected physically in different ways (the sudden onset of epilepsy in one)> The amount of illnees also is out of proportion to their civilian couterparts per head of population.
  3. I hope they get everything they deserve and much more, 14 years on and still nothing, MOD asswipes dragging their feet, this should been sorted quite a few years ago :evil:
  4. Typical MoD. Happy to see Tommy off to do their dirty work but very slow to support him when things go wrong. I suspect that they have known about GWS for a long time and know the probable cause but can't afford to make it public due to public opinion.
  5. I know it's long-ish, but well worth reading - particularly when you find out how much money the reserach actually cost!

    Given that the MoD wastes millions every day on bureaucracy; ill-advised and badly managed procurement projects; allowing senior officers to use their own budgets to provide staff cars and so on, aren't they being ever so slightly myopic abou this? :highly ironic wink smiley:

    Typically tawdry, inept and weak response from the Ministry as usual.

    Click here for full story from Guardian Online
  6. The Labour Party election manifesto launched today highlights how much the present Govt has done for veterans. Although I gather this view was not shared by the Gulf War veterans and the British Legion at yesterday's meeting in Parliament about Lord Lloyd of Berwick's Gulf War Illness inquiry.

    Full manifesto text HERE - from Guardian - pdf file.

    Pledges on Armed Forces and Veterans at pages 43-44 of the pdf. Off-topic, but maybe someone would like to start a new thread and post the related text for information and discussion?