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Gulf War One Veterans Associations?


Having looked into joining a GW1 Assoc, the only ones I can find are set for those with a Gulf War Syndrome Illness, which fortunately I don't have.

Is there just a Gulf Medal Assoc similar to the South Atlantic Medal Assoc or Burma Star Assoc?- Some where were reunions are set up etc.


i can see it coming now . :)  Gulf War associations starting out , then splitting into GW1 and GW2 groups (splitters !)  :p
Reunions ...Pull up a sand bag and enjoy Dog's tongues,  Wren's livers, Chaffinch brains. Jaguar's earlobes, Dromedary prezels, Tuscany fried bats. Wolfs Nipple Chips and other Imperial titbits.

Sorry-  back to the Monty Python thread.........................
Just got on here tonight. I didn't note the join date of the guys who posted. If they have passed on I'm sorry to hear it. Still think such an Association is a good idea though.

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