Gulf War Movie!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Harry_Boomers, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. "Jarhead" Cant wait to see how crap this film is! Saw the trailer last night and it looks Shoite!
  2. let me guess, takes the border single handedly, stops en route to baghdad for a bud before nabbing saddam and his honcho's as they sleep and after the capital falls, they all love the u.s, band music plays and they raise the stars and stripes.

    Oh........and not a brit in site, we stayed back to play rock, paper, scissors with the french!!
  3. read the book - its a pile of can't be ar5ed - don't give a f#ck - get me outa here - shoot the a-rabs - f#ck the system - b0llox!

    It really shows the yanks up to be a two-bob outfit with no control over the actions of their men - and this bloke didn't even see any action!

    Probably get four Oscars!!!!!!!!!
  4. Plus its directed by that greasy fat tw*t whos knobbin Kate Winslet.
  5. The book really was pure drivel.
  6. mendez, great............................another "never let go jack" finale
  7. You sound a bit bittered and twisted there Harry :lol:

  8. Do you think? NO! I really like Sam " im a fat spick" Mendes