Gulf war hero in court...

One in the eye for the dam "gutter press"...........well done Col Tim :lol:

Now where's that tw#t of a sceptic :twisted:

The Sunday Express newspaper reported in May that Colonel Collins had stood by as a henchman of Saddam Hussein's was allegedly doused in petrol, set alight then shot.

In the High Court, the newspaper accepted the allegations were untrue and should not have been published.
Colonel Collins was also awarded damages against the Sunday Mirror which reported that there had been an MOD investigation into a claim that nine Iraqi soldiers had been shot dead while surrendering to members of his regiment.

The Sunday Mirror accepted in court that the allegations were false and apologised to Col Collins.
'Journalistic integrity.' The oxymoron's oxymoron.

I don't know who I loathe more. Journos who fabricate or repeat ballcocks or the Spam underachiever Mister Biastre. Does anyone have a link to a photo of the fcuker so I can hate him some more?

From the period just after Mister Biastre's allegation:
Might be him. I remember his (probably his own) publicity shots. Wrap around shades, trying to look (like Colonel Collins) heroic and hard. Biastre (if it's him) is a donut eater, a part time police officer! Donuts. Not hard, lard! :lol:

The Americans still bristle with weapons and look like martial Teletubbies, swaddled in layers of kit.
Nah! Biastard is just a disgusting fat body. Get the fcuk off of my obstacle!

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