Gulf Veterans Plan Protest.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. 1st Gulf War Veterans are planning a protest on the 28Th February 2011, (date the War ended) outside the houses of parliament. Why?. Well 20 years on and we still have no answers as to why so many veterans are so ill. Why, this and previous governments have ignored medical/ scientific findings.
    Why, we have to take the MOD & VA to court and tribunals to fight for pennies in pensions.

    Will you get in with the programme and join them for the big win ?
  2. nothing here (GVA website) ...any more info :?
  3. We've had this discussion before... what medical or scientific findings have been 'ignored' exactly? By what I mean name the studies.
  4. Nick "turncoat" Clegg for example, he promised that he would, if elected, implement all the recommendations of the Lord Lloyd of Berwick inquiry as he accepted its findings in full.

    However, when this horible little man get's a whif of power, he goes all native on us (the Gulf vets)

    This is the typical attitude of our M.Ps today regarding it's veteran community, which is quite wrong.

    You can not trust M.Ps anymore.

    B.T.W Would you like to put your name to this petition?

    Gulf War 1990/91 Justice, Fair Treatment and Appropriate Testing for the remaining Veterans
  5. Clegg is the minority partner in a coalition. He doesn't really have much power. The problem is that the Lloyd enquiry has been superceded by the KCL report that says, as did all the expert evidence supplied to the DoD in the US (that the committee bizarrely ignored), there isn't a single condition, so the Lloyd enquiry is less relevant now. I agree with all that Prof. Wessely has to say about this.

    I won't be signing the petition. There's some valid stuff about appropriate medical testing and treatment and the difficulties in accessing war pensions but it mentions GWS, which I'm satisfied doesn't exist per se.
  6. Gulf vets are now fed up with 20 years of cock and bull excuses by both Red and Blue Big Brothers.

    This attitude and approach has only suppressed and insulted them - thus forcing the veterans to dispense their own form of justice and payback. (strictly in full compliance with the law of the land)

    Now they are about to blow their own trumpets, and who can blame them?
  7. Well I would far rather support Gulf Vets than students. Just remember not to throw any fire extinguishers.

    I am not convinced by Gulf War Syndrome per se like a lot of others but that doesnt mean that individuals who have suffered medical problems associated with their time in the military shouldnt be adequately looked after.

    The main problem with GWS as with global warming and other band-wagon issues is to get everyone to stop talking psuedo-science and deal in facts.
  8. How many studies will it take for you to understand that this doesn't appear to be one condition?

    The problem is that if you keep going on and on about this particular issue then you're missing the point. The point actually is that, as Prof Wesseley states, there are a number of different health problems that seem to be related to service in GW1. If all that's discussed is GWS it distracts from sensible research into the causes of these illnesses and possible treatments for them.
  9. We will gladly eliminate the words G.W.S from now on just for you psychobabble.

    From now on it will be signs and symptoms of ill health that are possibly related to service in the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1. (Jesus, that's a mouth full) We try to cater for our political correct friends too you see !

    Prof Wesseley has stated that he has now run out of idea's regarding any further research on this issue.(see the BBC link)
  10. No, fire extinguishers will not be used ...... It's not our style!

    Thank you for supporting the veterans.
  11. I'd already read it. He means in terms of the illnesses being linked to gulf service. This isn't about political correctness either. As I've repeatedly stated it's about evidence.
  12. Lets hope it's not Like the evidence our government gave us about W.M.D ! ........... All a pack of lies!
  13. It isn't, it's solid evidence based on research carried out by the most expert medics in their field on both sides of the Atlantic and that meets the standards of research required for publication in journals.

    Consultant doctors don't tend to toe the party line and get very vocal if you suggest that they do!