Gulf info Blackout

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by B_int, Mar 16, 2003.

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  1. Front page of The Mail on Sunday today reports that troops in the Gulf have been banned from phoning and e-mailing home without official approval (mobile phones have been confiscated).

    Seems the Chiefs want to put a stop to all the reports of deficiencies in gear and conditions as they will damage morale and may make the US Military lose confidence in us.

    If the British newspapers no longer have access to complaints and mutterings from the Gulf direct, do we  expect that this site will beome a source of quotes for the ever hungry press pack?

    I am a civvy and against this whole invasion, yet If General Sir Mike Jackson wants his troops to get a grip and sort it out..I guess that affects us here does it not?
    I would think Arrse need to make an actual decision on this one.

    Throughout this conflict are we going to be happy  for information about  conditions and events  to be posted here, when the Army bosses don't want that information in the public domain?

  2. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Yes you are a civvie aren't you!, you shouldn't believe everything you read in the Mail!
    Opsec dear girl!
    Nuff said
  3. The part about the mobile phones is true, my brother had to hand his in so he can't text home anymore.

    If you haven't handed your phone in you'll only get caught, Sigs EW haven't got anything better to do.

    You only have to look at what they do on Salisbury plain on TESEX!
  4. Personally I was pretty disgusted that the goal posts were moved half way through and that mobile phones were allowed at all! If some people aren't allowed to have them then it's rather unjust that other piss takers are allowed them, surely all that did was show that if you ignore orders you could still be lucky and get away with it! Even I understand that is not exactly a positive message to send out! (Although reality!)

    And another thing, while we are on the subject. The Mail is a strident Tory based rag that has no more the ability to report on fact only than any other paper we are limited to read - there has not been a black (at least not today) post is still coming through, they can still call home using welfare packages and many of them have been able to watch the news also oh yes and incidently oh wise Mail reader, all you have to do is turn on any news channel and they have all and still refer back to kit shortages and issues.

    Believe me, whatever we know the jurnos out there know. The only pleasure they have is it makes a good story to them, to us this forum is a way of contacting like minded (and sometimes extremely funny people) souls as there are few who can begin to understand what we are experiencing.

    Just one last note, if you are that concerned about moral/army bosses and what may and may not effect them, why the hell are you so prominent in your "anti" opinions (admitedly your right to). A somewhat selective recall and use of the forum I feel. Basically a ball of conflict in print.

    I'm off to kick the cat now - where's it gone....... :mad:
  5. By the way what I meant was it is your right to express your opions - not that I think your opinions are right. Bint.
  6. Lucy
    I was merely raising questions based on a front page full page newspaper feature. Raising the issues therein for discussion, that is all.
    As for your demand to know  "why the hell are you so prominent in your "anti" opinions" i wasn't aware I was making an extreme statement here...I merely mentioned  my own stance regarding the conflict  and   also stated that I am a civilian just as background to my post.
    As for 'selective recall and use of the forum' I am posting in a pretty boad manner i feel.
    the 'oh wise Mail reader'

    ps. As for you decribing me as 'Basically a ball of conflict in print.' I totally agree...although I might totally disagree next time..who knows eh? ;D
  7. To be quite honest I don't really give a flyer should you agree with me or not. I just feel that enough lip service is paid to those you mentioned in your post and would truly love to have some experience of free speech. I live in hope.  :(
  8. It's not lipservice the guys at the top need from their troops right now I wouldn't have thought..It's ****ing obedience to the letter !!
    Free speech is a luxury that should be reserved for peacetime.
  9. Oh dear oh deary me. Please re read my post and refrain from misplaced aggression in my direction. Bint. By the way you with your tight lipped mention of discipline one can only presume that you are frustrated would be TA member?

    Oh yes and when we are on the subject, if you are so anti free speech etc when you feel it is imprudent to be vocal, why the hell were did you feel it necessary to point out you anti-waresque background YESTERDAY, when some of our husbands, loved ones and friends are about to go to war.

    Please, go away and chain yourself to a fence or something - preferably a live high voltage one.

  10. ME aggresssive? Hmnn ok. ???
    I am totally in support of our troops. I wish them all well and I do hope they will have a quick, clean and decisive victory and return home safely.
    So sorry- I hadn't realised that we were supposed to pretend to approve of  this war whilst posting on this site.
    Note to self...Lucy can say what she thinks on this thread but I am not to. :-X
  11. No Bint. I was the one championing free speech. Again you are showing a confused state of mind.

    You pointed out that free speech should be reserved for peacetime.

    No I don't feel that only I am able to post self opinion but at least be consistent.

    Please go away and find a fence... You are starting to really really bore me.
  12. It's all a question of opsec Oggy, surely you can see the point in that.  Let's not have thousands of "leakers" across the battlefield.

    Moreover, I do agree wityh other posts, that it should have been applied evenly across all out there, especially at this time.

  13. Bugger, where's me delete button?
  14. ........and with a hop skip and a jump , here we are :)

    Now the lads want some proper wild eyed clothes ripping , hair pulling gypsy stuff one time......

    Or everyone can calm down.

    Bint, be careful on what you post at this extremely sensitive time, there are a lot of wives/girlfriends of, who have the major hump right now.

    I hardly think "can you send more socks, Dodgy barley flavoured mouthwash , the Boss is a proper tosser and don't wear any pants when you come to get me from Brize" is going to contravene OPSEC  
    As regards moderating with OPSEC in mind, we are way ahead of you there :)

    Lucy - Please play nice, she's a civvy, so she doesn't understand you're nailed to the Telly at the moment, worried sick and trying to get a glimpse of your bloke.

    Out of interest, some of the feeds coming from the Arabic channels aren't being shown here ,  soi thought I'd look into capturing them digitally, and offering them up for download. Not sure what the bandwidth is going to be like, will look at that issue tomorrow if anyone is interested

  15. :-*OK PTP I'll play nicely. But she's still a mong (no offence to those who suffer GENUINE learning difficulties)  ;)

    But any info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.   :-*