Gulf Arabs signal intent to equal a nuclear Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Gulf Arabs signal intent to equal a nuclear Iran
    Khaleej Times
  2. Oh happy days...:\\

  3. Well, they are dependant on energy supplies from unstable Arab regimes, so of course they will need nuclear power supplies.... :)

  4. Seeing as it appears we can't sell them our fighter planes, perhaps we could sell them a reactor or two - about the same cost as 200 Typhoons, and about the same delivery time!
  5. will the oil be cheaper if it glows in the dark???..................... we can still use it yeh?
  6. I was having a good laught the other night with my German Friend. He was 16 in 1945, Hates Nazism and every thing Hitler stood for.
    He could not resist bring up the Aryan 'thing' for he has an almost British sense of self 'Pizz' taking.
    I had to tell him that the only 'True' Aryan nation was Iran, more fun and games at our next meeting.
    I blame King George II for all of this. Rewarding India for building and testing an Nuc and then telling his Good Arab comrades there cannot be an Arab Nuc for it will upset his other Mid East friend.
    Its tantamoute to incitment IMHO.
  7. I wouldn't mind teh Arabs having Nukes as long as tehy use it on each other til there is nobody left and we will just walk in a take over the Oil :D