Gulf 2 medal (s)?


What I really want to know is this: will the well-known Irish famous speech maker ex-commanding officer get the DSO he deserves, or will the craven and timid souls who decide these things be frightened off by all the adverse publicity he attracted from those jealous of his fame and success?
I think we should be told.
what with Equal ops and diversity being what it is, i think he may have blown it through the bullying that had been going on in a previous unit, and to say he knew nothing about it is no defence unfortunatley as any unit EO advisor will tell you :roll:


Sorry to go off the OP-TELIC subject, but lets just hope that the Guv'nor (QE2 NOT BLAIR) rejects the MOD request for you guys to wear the non-article 5 Balkans medal. If that gets the go ahead then you may aswel get your AMS Volleyball winners medal mounted.
do you think ill be able to wear my AMS hockey medal? (legally this time Mr Fizz :oops: :oops: )
I've already sewn my boy-scout badges onto my service dress. God they look good, especially my tracker badge.

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