Gulf 2 medal (s)?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NickP, Jun 5, 2003.

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  1. Rumour has it that two medals will be awarded.
    Medal 1.During the conflict.
    Medal 2. Op Telic, which requires individuals in theatre 30 days from 19th April 2003.

    ?? does anyone know anything about it ?
  2. So far the only info I have heard is mainly a carry over from the GW1 medal thing.

    That was a period of seven days from when the first bombs were dropped for the gulf medal and a bar on the GSM medal(no abandoned for the OSM) for people in theatre after the fighting was over!

    Don't know about two madals but there will probably be a Queens head war medal and a bar on some other medal!

    Standby for a bit of a wait before you hear any 'real' confirmation and then double that and add a bit before your compressed cardboard turns up! ;D
  3. Check out your unicom, announced yesterday, same gong as last time, bar if youve got it already
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Dissapointing, I was hoping for a new medal, can't believe the tight gits won't issue a new medal, be it the OSM 2000 or dedicated Telic medal- will wait and see for official confirmation.

    All the remounting cost just to stick a bar on the 1990 medal- hardly worth it- bit like the Bosnia numerals- waste of time. Must go and tell the lads they will be well made up! NOT!

    Can someone give the source for this information as I find it hard to beleive the MoD would stiff us over again...............Ho! Ho!
  5. I was at the tailors in deepcut last night, and he said the Gulf medal was being rushed through and be out before (if) any Afganistan medal, said itll be as unicom says and probably the same as last time, hes getting loads of ribbon in
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I find it hard to believe they can issue a medal dated 1990-91 on the obverse side for an Operation in 2003. They might as well issue an Africa Star 1939-1945.

    Time will tell and I await the DCI.
  7. Same ribbon then, :roll:
  8. Did anyone see the pisture of Jessica Lynch going home? A 19 year old on her first op tour and she already has 2 rows of medal ribons-probably not including 3 medals for the war and a purple heart for having got hurt in a combat zone

    wish I had the mounting franchise for US medals
  9. I believe Jessica Lynch* was presented with 3 medals - the ' injuries as a result of your officer getting lost' medal, the 'road traffic accident' award, and the 'being rescued by Special Forces (but not really)' medal.

    Apparently they were presented by the Surgeon General, who had taken time off from writing all those warnings on fag packets. Curious, I thought they would have been presented by Media Ops.

    *Jessica Lynch appears in this thread by kind permission of Warner Brothers Inc.
  10. Do you not think that the soldiers of today are getting more and more like the yanks when it comes to gong? gimmie gimmie
    these tours are costing me a fortune in medal mounting and miniatures.
  11. I have had to take out a second mortgage to cover the truly exorbitant cost of my, "You HAVE been F*cked Around" chest wig 8O
  12. First couple of gongs are great, then it becomes a bit of a cash drain, just seem to get them mounted then another bleeder turns up that needs adding. Can we just have certificates please
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    'The Soldier' mag has reported HM has authorized an OP TELIC medal to be struck, so the tailor at Deepcut better backload his Gulf 1990 ribbon, as it appears a new medal will be issued, I assume with bars to denote whether the bearer was in 'the zone'.

    Pity the OSM 2000 isn't getting an airing but a gong's a gong!
  14. the OSMs a nice gong and ribbon, i have it for Sierra Leone,
  15. Have heard a rumour in the sand that the DCI has now been published? Has anyone managed to get eyes on yet and can shed some light on the medal situation according to the afore mentioned publication.