Gulf 1 - arthritis question

Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by Alfiemoon, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Interesting results - how many of you who served in Gulf 1 have now got arthritis. I have been receiving treatment for Psoriatic arthritis and have come across dozens of fellas with the same condition. I am looking to hear from anyone who has had it, got it or been successfully treated. I am not looking to create anything here - just out of interest.
  2. Alfie I have been told i have arthritis and i was there and know of a least another 4 that are in the same boat
  3. My kness have never been the same. Had to have an op on one of the buggers. Not sure if that had anything to do with Granby to be honest though. I'm pretty sure the insomnia has.
  4. Sorry, my KNEES.
  5. blackrat your knee problem as everyone knows is down to you placing yourself in knees bent stress postions for prolonged periods of time to take it in the ricker ...............................
  6. Could it be that you are now in your late 30's early 40's and it's simply a result of running around being a squaddie for the last 20 years?

    Or are you a journo?
  7. Good point Devlish. Well sir, are you a Hack?
  8. because if you are go on little fellow of you fcuk then......................
  9. I've been coughing up some proper nasty Grollies since I came back. I reckon the buggers gassed us.
  10. Yeah, another Blue on Blue 'cos we know Saddam didn't have any don't we.

    No arthritis, but knees gone to hell - running in sand did for 'em.
  11. I found on my return that I had sudden urges to beat the sh1t out of most civvies I seen. When I mentioned this to the doctor, he informed me that I was not suffering from anything and that it was quite natural to have these feelings.

    Funnily enough, I've never really got over it and have those same urges to this day. Ho hum.
  12. know where your coming from devlish
  13. and to be honest... my guffs would melt a NAIAD at 100 yards too
  14. And your breath track. Devilish has a point though doesn't he?
  15. I have a friend and a family member who were on Granby and have this condition.

    Edited once for fcuk up and once for grammar, GRR!