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How do I lock a floyd-rose bridge? I want a fully reversible solution ta, I want it to stay looking the same, keep the micro adjusters etc, Ibanez RG350 btw, ta
Sounded interesting.

Found this after a google but don't know how much help it'll be:

I bought an Ibanez years ago...loved the neck, loved the body shape, loved the
weight of the instrument...HATED the Floyd Rose. You can't really lock it down,
however I use a wooden block to get the bridge to stay in place. There is a way
to lock it down without haveing to do anything permanant and without having to
use the 5 springs to tighten the FR down. Before you start all of this - take
off the lock nuts at the top of the neck.

Usually you can go to a craft
store, or a flower shop and buy 1/2" wooden blocks (they're small rectangular
blocks that are 1/2 inch square and laround 2" long) - they usually come in
small packages of 4 or more.

(from now on picture the guitar on a table,
with the neck pointing away from you and the body closest to you)

the guitar over and take off the back plate. At the bottom of the cavity, place
one of those blocks between the metal temolo piece and the bottom wall of the
cavity. Then unscrew the spring screws at the top of the cavity enough so that
the metal piece moves down and holds the wooden block in place.

your guitar back over and tune away - at this point, the block in the back of
the guitar will keep the bridge from moving or 'floating' forward. Replace the
lock nuts when finished but don't lock em down, I have them on there for looks
(loosened enough for me to use the tuners on the headstock to actually tune the

Good luck!
That came from straight dope.

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