Guitar Playing Guards Officer - Stand Aside Blunt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Good CO, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I recently heard talk of a Christmas no1 attempt from a Gren Gds officer, Xander Rawlins. Ignoring the very odd guardsy tweak to an otherwise perfectly decent first name, he does seem very good and basically "Serving inf officer" is enough to give him a mention in the mighty pages of ARRSE. I also particularly like acoustic guitar music so really like the song in question 1000 Miles Apart.

    Xander plays the guitar well and if you watch this RMAS(?) video you get a warm feeling that he's a decent bloke. I have no idea if that's true of course!


    Here is 1000 Miles Apart. Post tour I look forward to the follow-up 1000 Yard Stare (Da da da da - toosh. Thank you thank you. )


    Best of luck Xander. I hope the ARRSE force will be with you in the No1 attempt

    Oh, finally, Daily Mail article here. A bit crappy but then what do you expect from the Mail?
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I detest Blunt's singing with a passion, but last week he was on Have I Got News For You, and without the guitar he is a thoroughly decent (and funny) bloke. Somebody commented once that he was probably a great laugh at smokers in the woods (they were called jirgas in my day), obviously with a sense of irony. After seeing him last week, I reckon you could scratch the irony. For an orificer, he probably was a good laugh. Even managed to slip in a joke about his time in the Balkans.

    Over the radio, to his attached foreigners, "Regardez a gauche les Serbes!" to be replied with "Quoi?" from the Italians. To which his comment to the crew was something like, "Bugger. Driver advance backwards."
  3. Two things wrong with this apart from his blindingly obvious aristocratic-homosexual name: firstly he's a ******* rupert, therefore a complete waste of rations & oxygen.

    Secondly: he's a ******* Grenadier FFS!!! Mars Bar eating gobbler ****.

    I wonder if his Xmas Number One attempt will see him making a music video replete in Busby, red tunic, red circles painted on his cheeks & tick-tocking around the set singing 'I saw mummy sucking Santa Claus?'
  4. Made I larf
  5. BUSBY! Get a fuckin grip! Since when did the Brigade of Guards wear ******* BUSBYs?
  6. Knew some ****** would bite on that one!!

    I's a bearskin.
  7. Bearskin cap surely. ;-)
  8. Made from genuine bear or the pubic hair from Romanian orphans?
  9. UP the Guards!!!!!
  10. Or the pubic hair from a genuine orphaned Romanian bear.
    Never mind though, as he's a gobbler he'll still look like a bag of spuds tied up with string round the middle.
  11. There is that of course. ******* Gobbler.
  12. Fair one.

    The Sarn't Major should relieve this trumpet of his family crested signet ring and cravat and beat his scrawny arse with his guitar back to daddy's Gloucestershire estate.
  13. I saw his Oh Staff Sergeant video some time back, he comes across a decent bloke, I for one hope his 1000 Miles Apart gets to Number 1 and knocks the pants off of the latest Simon Cowell money spinner... and raises a shed load for Combat Stress & the ABF...

    The new James Blunt?

    Why Not?!
  14. Don't forget that the Graeme, the lead singer from (Morpheus Rising - ) is currently deployed on HERRICK. Profits from their songs "An Ordinary Man" and "Fighting Man" have gone to a number of service charities. Just as importantly, they fecking ROCK!

  15. It could have been worse he could have been a fecking sheepshaggin Collie.

    Good luck to the mars bar chopping gobbler