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I'm surprised this has never been posted before (although if it has, I apologise profusely). Does anyone else wield the (plastic) axe? I'm now the proud owner of Band Hero, Guitar Hero 3, GH:Aerosmith, GH:World Tour, GH:Metallica and Rock Band - all on PS3. I've even bought a proper drum stool to go with my Band Hero drum kit :pr:

If anyone's up for some online jamming let me know - or for cross-platform bragging rights post your top scores to your top songs!

I personally much prefer the GH series to Rock Band. It looks a lot more polished and offers a bigger range of "moves". Im still waiting for the price to drop on GH5 now it's been out a while, but I can't find it for less than £20-30 anywhere. I got WT, Aerosmith and RB for like £5-10 each in various sales (and off eBay) so I'm trying to keep the budget theme going - until GH6 comes out with the funky new guitar shape, as I'll likely be buying that new!
Guitar Hero rules. Played it? Nope, not me. Wife does and the amount of peace and 'quiet' I get from her now is gold.
Makes our marriage work I tells ya.

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