Guitar hero tabs and learning the real guitar

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by thegimp, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Not sure this is in the right forum but I'll give it a punt

    Guitar hero works by reading a sort of "Tab" and pressing the buttons

    Do these "Tabs" the coloured circles have any relationship with notes or tabs played on a real guitar

    Is it possible to identify what=what and use Guitar hero to learn some tunes/play along with real guitar

    Just a thought

    I've googled guitar heroes and just got millions of forums of spotty kids and shed loads of adverts
  2. Not even in the slightest, sorry. They're not even remotely similar.
  3. Bo llocks.
  4. What I meant was just that, the giveaway is in Guitar Hero has only 5 keys and a guitar has six strings! Most of guitar hero is based on relatively simple power chords though which are pretty easy to replicate, especially with a bit of distortion on. If you want to play guitar, buy one, you can get a cheap set up for about 90 quid and then you can thrash out tunes properly to your hearts content. If you want to go for the virtual side, get one of those USB guitars off, look to come with some pretty smart software that can make you sound like Hendrix in no time.
  5. I play the guitar and my kids have guitar hero. I have compared guitar hero "tabs" againts the real ones and there is no relation
  6. Do I see a marketing opportunity here?

    Anyone fancy making a "real" guitar that works exactly the same as the tabs one?

    You could make a fortune from all those "spotty kids" who go on to become the rock gods of tommorow.

    5% of the gross to me for anyone who uses the idea.
  7. You could sort of do it, by putting 6 sensors on each fret to represent each string, but it'd be diffcult to simulate anything more then strumming, and you might as well buy a proper guitar. It is alright for helping you develop sight reading. The drum trainer on RockBand2 is good though, I've known a couple of people take up playing drums from that game...
  8. Guitar Hero - it isn't and you're not.
  9. Already been done, look on youtube and it will show you exactly how to make a real guitar work on GH.

  10. Be interested to see that since a guitar output is analogue (ish) and an xbox would be digital, the only way would be a Roland midi pickup or similar and a fair bit of re-coding . At the end of the day whats the point ? GH is a game, its a laugh. Its not meant to be a music lesson, the only parts of it that bear any relation to the real world are on World Tour where you get a mike and a "drum kit"
  11. It's a good idea, if only guitar was as simple as that.

    You must consider that the open strings on the guitar are not really designed to be played as such (although they often are). The strength of guitar is the manner in which the 12 notes on the western music octave (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B) are presented to the player. Depending on how the guitar is tuned (the strings do not have to be tuned to EADGBA), the strings can be fretted individually or in a combination of up to 6 notes to, depending on how they are struck by, typically, the right hand, produce chords or single notes (or, in the case of 7 or 8 strings guitars, 7 or 8). This aspect of guitar is unique and means that you can play things on the guitar that you cannot on, say, the piano (and vice-versa of course).

    What is of huge interest to the blues (or rock, which amounts to the same thing musically) musician is the fact that guitar notes can be bent with the fretting hand to produce 'between notes' that are not found in western music (think about the frets on a guitar, how they are in a fixed position and limit the range of the guitar). These between notes have their origins in southern blues music. This technique can produce a bluesy feel to a piece that cannot be replicated by other instruments and when combined with other techniques such as vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, and using a glass or metal slide to produce harmonics instead of fretted notes, makes the guitar the weapon of choice for many.

    However, yes, if you programmed the 5 buttons to produce 5 different chords, you could play a simple 5 chord progression on a Guitar Hero controller. But then again, you wouldnt really be playing it would you?
  12. What i will say is - as a budding student of the way of the Fender Axe....

    GH is good for building up the finger muscles and improving dexterity in the fingers and helps hand/eye coordination...

    i have found playing the Guitar easier since rocking out with the GH system
  13. Im an intermediate-advanced guitarist, and also an expert at GH3 (5 starred every song, 4 stars on TTFATF) and I will agree to the post above me, it does build your muscles up slightly, but i disagree about the dexterity due to the fact theres only 5 buttons, so really only one dynamic movement is being made, whereas the real guitar you have 24 frets x 6 strings thats alot of dexterity needed :lol: