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For sale,

Line 6 Spider II HD 75 Head and Harley Benton G412S 4x12 Cabinet for sale,

HARLEY BENTON G412S VINTAGE - Thomann UK Cyberstore

Line 6 - Spider II Family

£270 for both, £50 of the sale to Porridge Gun's covert CCTV for the ladies toilets fund. No castors on the base of the Cabinet, but it's not heavy anyhoo, buyer to collect or arrange pick up. If you want any photo's, drop me a PM with your email & I'll send some pics.





No, the sexy Schecter is not included in the deal nor is the Multi effects pedal, you wouldn't want it anyway, it's not very good.
Bumped as I've added some pics to the ad.
I've just remembered I've still got this, c'mon you knackers, buy it.

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