Guinness good for you - official

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CavalryCaptain, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. 3-4 a day might be a replacement for Coumadin... hell yes, I'll give it a try! :shaking2:
  3. Irish hospitals and convalescent homes used to give patients a bottle of Guinness each day up until very recently!
  4. My brother in hospital, on chemo, got 3 a day to get his iron count up. Sadly he lost the fight but got pretty merry each day.

    Near the end they even put him in a private room and let him have a smoke out the window (It wasn't the cigarettes that did him in, I hasten to add). Most impressed with that hospital.

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  6. Has anyone tried Guiness Export? F uck me,it tastes like treacle but it does the buisness!
    Me and the Mrs went for a meal with another couple a few weeks ago and the restaraunt only served foreign bottled beers. My mate and I had a few of these on top of a couple of Belgian lagers and Spanish ciders which resulted in the pair of us slevering utter b ollocks and embarrassing our wives even more than we normally do when we get bevied.

    Oh,and I had the blackest of blackest shites the next day.

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  7. Hhmmm, not sure about this. I once tried the Guiness diet, well it was in The Sun, back in about 89, ate now't for 3 days and nights apart from spending 11-11 in the pub drinking Guiness. By day 3 i was having palpatations, mini blackouts, i couldn't stop farting, and my shite was the colour of tarmac!
  9. Some Carribeans add Guinness to their morning cornflakes in lieu of milk, then return to the bedroom.............
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Try the Norn Iron diet..!..

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  11. Murphy's do a far superior stout.
  12. Dunno if it's still the same, but a few years back i went to the Brewery in Dublin and did the whole tour thing...boooooring. Still on the ticket you got 2 vouchers for 2 halves or a pint of the black stuff in the bar at the end, they didn't take cash as they want you to have a drink and feck off. So me and my buddy (both of us ex Sigs) got a pint and sat down, lamenting the fact we could only have one. Then as i drank my pint and looked round i could see tokens everywhere, turns out the jonny foreigners come in get a half and think yuk and throw the other token on the floor, wahey, we collected enough for about 14 pints each with the help of some very friendly waitresses. I have a very vague recollection of sliding back down the hill into town on my arse, as it was wayyy too steep to walk down, and by god does it taste different over the water.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Miss Spike is from near Dublin & even I can tell the difference between Guiness there & up here in Cowntee Doyn.
  14. Absolutley, dear chaps and chappesses..... I was introduced to cold Guiness in BAOR in '64 in the NAFFI Bar in Fransica Barracks, St Tonis..... I can guarantee it did me a 'Power of Good'.... ablsolutley efficasious.... especially around 8 or 9 pints of the stuff...left me legless, witless and shitless....

    But as a fully qualified B1 Tradesman, Aklkie of the Falling Down Variety at the ripe old age of 24,.... I learnt well, long and hard.... Mind you, warm Guiness just did not taste as good.... but then as a B1 Alkie.... anythink with 'inkcohol' in it did the trick....

    Now I'm old and grey.... I'm just a booring old fart now.... don't smoke, drink or do the 'Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll' thingy..... Me Man Size Pampers won't let me...... Matron won't let me out the door either.....
    :oops: :p
    This story came to you despite its hidden truth, courtesy of the Old Sodjiers.... spin factory.... hehehehehe!!

    Its just past 'Coffee O'Clock...time for another mug of Java.... and some Cheese of course....