Guinness Adverts

Didnt know where else to put this so il risk it and put it here.

Now as well as being renowned for creating arseholes the size of England, guinness also produce great adverts.This has been pissing me off all day at work, the name of the song in the one with the white horses and the waves.."tick follows tock".....tell me the name of it and you can sleep with my sister!(not to be reccomended but heyho!)

DozyBint said:

But I don't want to sleep with your sister, thanks all the same...
You could at least see what she's like first.
To be fair shes made the right decision!
I slep t with your sister and needed guinness to wash away the taste
I think I did your sister in an alley in Farnham and I can tell you that "Tick follows tock follows clap follows pox.........."
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