Guilt Olympics Opening Show, Anyone?


Is it me or does he look a bit "speshul"?

Edited to add that I have never watched any of his films as I understand they are shite.

That slumdog film was actually surprisingly good. Wouldn't surprise me if we went down the route of colonial guilt, though. The Canadian games were sickeningly apologetic.
"…Boyle was born on 20 October 1956 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, (now in the modern day metropolitan borough of Bury, Greater Manchester)[2] into a working-class Irish Catholic family. His mother was from Ballinasloe in County Galway, and his father was born in England to an Irish family.[3]…"

Explains everything.
Bit hard to decipher the article as it reads like shite but $126 million to possibly highlight colonial guilt? Jesus wept...

I enjoyed 28 Days Later & Sunshine though, perhaps he should stick to films...
Well well. Who would have thought it?

"The guiltolympics are a perfect example of how British elites — the BBC, the schools and colleges, even the film industry (which is awash in subsidies from the lottery) — shamelessly take money from ordinary Britons and use it to disparage them, their values, their sense of history and their national pride. Three generations of this have left the UK a cowering, cringing place, uncertain of its future and defensive about its past. "


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A very good friend (of Maori background & one hell of a singer) is in one of the choirs & so I expect we'll be watching!
There will be soldiers performing at the so called games but I will not use that as an excuse to watch a festival of greed for status and profit, dedicated to ensuring there is not a complete lasting legacy to sport.

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