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Guillotine dodgers strike again - expenses part 2


Book Reviewer
They don't want the addresses leaked, not for security but because someone may find out who's renting to who and go round and smash their windows.....


Book Reviewer
Pigs - Form up - snouts ready, into the trough in your own time.

As soon as this one raised its head I thought it would be an Arrse topic instantly.

The fcukers in parliament have no conscience whatsoever. They cannot if they are subletting for profit places paid for with taxpayer money. It was not mentioned in the last expenses scandal because no one thought of the dodge. We have now, and we dont want addresses, just names.

Bercow is right to be concerned about security, but a differently worded FOI request would be useful. If he doesnt grant one then he should be thrown out of his chair. He may well be subletting his own gaff as he gets a nice pad for grace and favour. its not illegal. For the rest of the bastards it probably should be.

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