Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Just finished reading a facinating book about the civil war (British not spam). Not a subject I can claim to know much about but the 'New model army' introduced in 1648 by parliament was the first standing army in this countries history and was the first to have red coats as standard. Up to this time the armies were locally trained and tended to dispurse after a campaign, not unlike the fyrd in harolds time really.

    Anyhoo, one of the things that was standardised was that Dragoon regiments had Guidons. My old Hussar reg (being ex light dragoons) had one of these I was just wondering what other non Hussar/dragoon regiments have as their Regimental colours? What do peoples cavalry have?

  2. the aac has a guidon, remember doing lots of training to make it go ok. I f I remember correctly, we have been the only parade to form up while the royal contigent was already seated and waiting for us. This was done by an air landing of numerous waves of lynx to deploy us groundies to form up.

    The guidon was then marched through the ranks, then we marched past charles(he is smaller than I thought) and then went home for biscuits and tea.
  3. They always are. Queen is really tidgy - I had to bend almost in half when she did the hanging on hook bit
  4. That conjours up all sorts of images any one of which I'm sure would constitute treason... :twisted:
  5. The Peoples cav dont have guidons but I was always lead to believe that guidons were junior to colours as the tail were added to signify dragoons from infantry. Something to do with Cromwell and the fore runners of the Guards and the Household Cav.

    Point to note that the Royal Yeomanry has 6 Guidons in one Regiment.
  6. Stumps, 3&8's or 5&9's

    Z head myself, out in 93 on 2nd O.F.C whilst at JLR
  7. Hmm there were a few more thy-knows, 'Shiney Tenth' and 'Cherrypickers' (10th & 11th) to become RH. Me out in 92 on O.F.C. 1 with my sack full of sheckles, a big smile and civvie street to conquer.

    Not sorry I left but finding this site has a sort of home-coming feel to it. :D
  8. HCav (Blues and Royals to be exact) have a Guidon.....?
  9. They inherited it and the shitehawk from 1RD.
  10. Dragoons have 'standards'.
  11. Nope, thats why The Blues have a Guidon... from the Royals
  12. Now as for Dragoon Guards... that is a different story 8)
  13. I think you'll find that both HCR's have standards, in addition to cavalry guidons.
  14. Nope, One Guidon - The Blues one and 10 (?) Standards over both Mini Regiments
  15. You're confusing me now.

    There's a fecking standard and a guidon - are you admitting that?

    Do you also admit that Dragoon Guards used to be Dragoons?