Guiding kids away from the army...

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Bravo_Zulu, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. I've just heard that at a school whose CCF I was once associated, the head of careers has been ordered that in a presentation on careers to Y11 students (16 year-olds) he is not to mention the armed forces and especially not the army, as it is not deemed suitable, and girls don't want to hear about it.
    I'm getting the Outrage out of the garage and hanging up the furry dice about now, and I'm wondering whether censoring careers advice in this way is legal anymore? Certainly advocating one course of education over another isn't.

    Opinions on this fiendish plot to misguide youngsters from our noble profession welcome. Unfortunately I can't reveal too much about the school, otherwise they'll find me out and I'll be persona non grata for a while, and really they need some decent staff for their CCF.
  2. Post him unaccompanied to a school in Helmand, then see how long it takes him to appreciate the importance of soldiers.
  3. snot the school you ought to worry about really, more like every other phucker in the whole country seems to have an opinion. anyway, like you say, it's almost certainly the case that it is illegal to discriminate against this vocation in the way you said, so the chap/chapette concerned might just as well disregard said 'order' and preach the good word with impunity, i'd like to see the school tout that one at a tribunal.
  4. I don't even think it's the school's opinion; they have a well-supported CCF, have an annual Remembrance Sunday parade; the CCF biennial inspection is attended by the headmaster...I'm not connected to the school except as a casual assistant with the CCF, but there are some promising kids there, talking about joining respected regiments and corps and I wouldn't want to see them stuck in some office job because of some Guardian-reading junior staffer.
  5. And the fact that the Armed Forces are not mentioned by some hippy will negate these facts?
  6. The CCF has 45 committed members out of about 1500. The others, who didn't join, know little or nothing about what the armed forces offer like most of society. They should be entitled to advice.
    The CCF is also not allowed to promote the army actively; it is a non-recruiting youth organisation. all it can do is hope kids enjoy it enough to sign on. It is the school's job to inform kids of different career paths, bursaries, all the technical stuff.
  7. Imagine if the volunteers dried up through lack of recognition and they started drafting these pupils into national service. I wonder whos fault that would be?
  8. Screw him man, the youth need to know that this brilliant men and women doing a brilliant job in diffrent theaters of war!! and they could/should be part of it! the more the merrier!
  9. national service rules - give the hippy tree huggers down my way something to do instead of hanging round the shops scaring old ladies
  10. What has a school not wanting to encourage a career in the armed forces got to do with how the school rates the importance of soldiers?

    Bin men are important as are doctors but you won't find schools trying to encourage people to pursue a career as the former.

    (Oh no - don't start twisting my post to say that I think bin men = soldiers)
  11. Bravo_Zulu, the same thing happens at my school. Last year when there was a big careers day at Bassingbourne the Army offered to provide coaches and lunches for the kids. The school didn't even tell any of the pupils of the event.
  12. Maz - i was at atr b then. we put on big displays and loadsa stuff for them to do and only found out on the day how many would be tipping up
  13. Not all schools are like this luckily, at my old school it would always be announced well in advance when any of the army, navy or RAF careers advisers would be coming and sign up sheets put on a couple of the notice boards. But then again our school has a lot of links to the armed forces with a few teachers having sons in it, a couple of the staff ex forces and the head master used to be a contingent commander in the CCF. Not to mention they're extremely supportive of anyone joining the TA.
  14. Undermine the system from within. Get Army recruiting posters and stick them on every single noticeboard.
  15. Flamin` ell its changed a bit `aint it? When I was in my final year the careers bod says........

    "what would you like to do when you leave?".

    I say, "I`d like to be an graphic artist",

    career man says.....

    "have you thought of joining the army?".

    I think he said that to every bugger he spoke to!