Guided Weapons Signal Troops

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Twisted_Laces, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Hello All

    I am looking into the histories of a variety of units and I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has served in or has knowledge of the following:

    • 604 Signal Troop Guided Weapons Support 1959 - Germany
    • 604 Signal Troop NC - 1965 Onwards Munster NRW
    • 1 Arty BDE Sig Sqn - up to 1964 ish [Bielefeld ?/Napier Bks Dortmund]
    • Anti Aircraft Signal Units 1942-1945 - UK
    • 47 Guided Weapons RA Signal Troop - Dortmund 1957
    • 260 Sig Sqn SAM - 47 Guided Weapons RA 1957 Onwards till 1977
    • 257 Sig Sqn SAM - 36 Heavy AD
    • 654 Signal Troop - 36 Heavy AD
    • 655 Signal Troop - 36 Heavy AD
    • 632 Signal Troop [Benbecula/Hebridies]
    • 242 Sig Sqn
    • 1 Wireless Regiment - Munster NRW up to 1955

    If anyone has any info at all please PM me.

    Looking into the history/s of units within BAOR that served in an Artillery Support role - primarily for Nuclear Weapons [Corporal/Honest John and Lance]

    Grateful for any response.

  2. How sure are you about the facts listed? Some seem a bit doubtful to me.

    27 and 47 Msl Regts existed roughly 1959 - 1965, they were equipped with the Corporal SSM system, one regt was assigned to 1 (BR) Corps the other to 1 (GE) Corps. After 1965 they became normal field or medium regts and their R Signals component was probably no more tha a rear link det.

    Hy AD Regts, 36 and 37, were equipped with Thunderbird. My memory is that they had a R Signals sqn to provide data links between and within btys using RR eqpt.

    I think 1 Arty Bde HQ and Sig Sqn was based in Hildesheim in the 1960s, before the first of the new Hy Regts (M107 175mm) moved in, in about 1966.
  3. Hello Mate

    I'm pretty confident of my sources - i was at 604 in the early 80's and started to research the whys and wherefores of the unit.

    There isnt much recorded in Royal Signals Corps history - a foot note really so I began to trace the antecedents. It would appear that most of the Royal Siganls GW and NC requirements in the late 60's were born out of a much older tradition of Royal Artillery Signals Troops and Royal Signals AA support troop/squadrons.

    I have a number of credible sources UK/USA/GE/NL/BE/Russian

    I'd be grateful if you PM, i'd like to exchange emails and swap notes if your interested.

  4. Top man, thanks very much
  5. I was with 632 Sig Tp in the Hebrides from 1060 - 1962. Mainly out on the St Kilda detachment. What info are you after?
  6. your recipe for the elixir of life would be a good start :wink: