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Guided Weapons Signal Troops

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Twisted_Laces, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Hello All

    I am looking into the histories of a variety of units and I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has served in or has knowledge of the following:

    • 604 Signal Troop Guided Weapons Support 1959 - Germany
    • 604 Signal Troop NC - 1965 Onwards Munster NRW
    • 1 Arty BDE Sig Sqn - up to 1964 ish [Bielefeld ?/Napier Bks Dortmund]
    • Anti Aircraft Signal Units 1942-1945 - UK
    • 47 Guided Weapons RA Signal Troop - Dortmund 1957
    • 260 Sig Sqn SAM - 47 Guided Weapons RA 1957 Onwards till 1977
    • 257 Sig Sqn SAM - 36 Heavy AD
    • 654 Signal Troop - 36 Heavy AD
    • 655 Signal Troop - 36 Heavy AD
    • 632 Signal Troop [Benbecula/Hebridies]
    • 242 Sig Sqn
    • 1 Wireless Regiment - Munster NRW up to 1955

    If anyone has any info at all please PM me.

    Looking into the history/s of units within BAOR that served in an Artillery Support role - primarily for Nuclear Weapons [Corporal/Honest John and Lance]

    Grateful for any response.