Guide Dogs & St. Dunstans

Dear all,

I'm doing the Great Glen Way in Scotland to raise money for Guide Dogs and St. Dunstans. The reasons for these two charities are, a friends younger brother lost his sight in Afghanistan last summer and has had a lot of help and support from St. Dunstans. Guide Dogs because I've got one and have experienced first hand just how bloody great they are! (I was going to be doing the marathon, but twisted my ankle in training a few weeks ago!)

I'd like to help them in a very small way help others like myself, and like the friends brother so please feel free to visit my page and sponsor me, (keeping in mind I actually can't see very much at all!!). When I was first diagnosed with the sight issues I didn't think I'd be able to do these kinds of walks again, but if people who've lost their legs can do the marathon...!!

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