Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by suejames, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    Looking for a bit of guidance.
    My husband is set to retire his commission in the RAF next year after 18 years; he has never really answered this question.
    What is his reservist situation? Under what circumstances can/will he be called back to active service? Does he have to give a time commitment (as in training) and is so for how long?
    With him being overseas at present I do not want to bother him with these questions (we have only been married a year, so it is all a bit new to me).

  2. Have you thought about asking the RAF, love. This is an Army site.
  3. Of course I have the topic only came up this weekend and would prefer not to contact the RAF I do not live in married quarters or anywhere near a station. I just preferred to get an informal answer and was told by a friend to try here.

    From this sites welcome page.

    at least i give you something to type about :D
  4. Don't quote me on this Sue as I have been out for a number of years but I understood when I left that there was no reserve liability after 12 years service in the Army. As far as I could ascertain if you served 3 years in the colours you then had a further 9 years reserve liability, 6 after 6 and 3 after 9. This was for soldiers, not Officers, and things may have changed. There is a shocking amount of knowledge on this site hidden among the pedants so I expect to be put right shortly. If this assists you - well, job done. IMHO if someone has done 18 years service he should not have any liablity but there may be restrictions on specialist trades.

    No disrespect intended but civvies are sh*t by the way and he would be better staying forever!
  5. Ord_Sgt

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    As it is a specific RAF question you might have more luck here: (I hate giving them credit) and go to the military aviation forum. Plenty of RAF types there who might be able to give you a more definitive answer.

    I'm sure AB was only joshing you :D
  6. I did just over ten years Regular commissioned service in the Army. When I left I had a 16 commitment to the Reserve.

    From 2003 but:

    Regular Reserve Forces

    Personnel of the Regular Reserve Forces incur a liability for reserve service as a result of previously completed regular service. This liability is limited by total length of service and typically lasts for three years for Royal Naval ratings and Royal Marine other ranks transferred from the RN or RM respectively and six years for other ranks from the Army or RAF, or until a total of 22 years of regular service and subsequent reserve liability has been completed, which ever comes first. They are members of:

    — The Royal Fleet Reserve (RFR): former Royal Navy and Royal Marine regulars

    — The Army Reserve: former Army regulars

    — The RAF Reserve (RAFR): former RAF regulars

    States Other Ranks but may also apply to commissioned ranks I guess.
  8. As stated above. If he left at 18 years, I'd say he'll do 4 on the reserve list.
  9. from an army point of view, as a rule of thumb if you've done over 12 years service then there is little or no chance of involuntary deployment, that said if the person was a specialist trade (eg. medics in GW1) then they may well be called on for deployment.

    hope this helps