Guidance seeked from above - or here will do just fine.

Ok, I've basically pissed away the last three years of my life at uni studying some wishy washy subject being taught by some over paid, constantly whinging, lecturers at some hell-hole of a uni on the south coast.

Where has it got me?

Well apart from a high maintanence missus of 2 years, pretty much sod-all. Fuggin nowhere - so i think to myself, what job can i get? ......

Dad served 22 years in the sigs, I was born up in Catterick, remember hearing stories of Blandford (dad probably fathered half the town for all i know), went with him to Saudi and Germany - all seemed fun!

Now 22 in final year at uni with pretty high prospects of maybe a 3rd class degree because frankly i couldn't give two hoots about whether or not neo-classical trade theories are superior to Keynsian style theorys (see, i don't even know what that means.)


Sounds like a plan. I did a little 'research' into the kinds of things you can do and as much fun as it would be to sit at home and become a grade A turd whilst watching Porridge, Blackadder and Monty Python DVD's, i figured i better pull the proverbial finger out.

So here's my plea:

I'm 22 - fancy learning a trade and actually learning something practical as opposed to the utter rubbish i've 'learnt' so far.

Do many people of my 'advanced' age join up? It's probably just my way of looking, but i see 17-18yr olds and think that by the age of 22 most people actually have a clue what they are doing.

I'm going to see one of these recruitment officers next week, but i figured coming to a board like this would give me a no-bullshit what is a pretty vague question really ;)

What can i expect at a) basic b) phase two and c) blandford itself. (the last time i saw it i was 18 months old.)

Go on, do your worst! :twisted:
I joined up late (21 and a bit) and had no problems. Advice, go into TA to start with, get fit, then transfer in. Might give you an idea of a trade. Career. Tech if you can use a lump hammer & if you have the qualifications, but you know what you are best at (apart from pissing it up).

Blandford is still the same, 10,000 people, 4 surnames, camp is better than the old days and accommodation and grub improved. Enjoy it, you only live once and at the end of the day, look at your mates around you and then think what they will be doing in 5 years
Sounds to me like you just watched the latest army recruiting advert! Got a hard on and thought " hey im pretty good at medal of honour, the army will be a piece of p1ss"take it your gonna be an orifice?
From description of lifestyle and ambitions - stay where you are. Who the heck in their right minds would want to add such an asrehole to the payroll?
With your 'degree', think about actually converting it into something useful, like a commission. Don't give us all this bonk about 'learning a trade.'

You are exactly the right age if you go down that route, and you will have everything to play for.

As for joining as a private soldier. Your age isn't the issue, but your motivation will certainly be tested in the first weeks and months, simply because you'll be getting fcuked around from pillar to post with a load of scrotebags who haven't done anything with their lives. That was certainly the view of the grads I went through basic with, and I was one of the scrotebags.

Perevodchik makes a good point (above) - look at the Int Corps if you are dead set on going down this route. Although other Corps do have grads joining up, the snot hats look after them (in the main) and you'll find the life a good deal more amenable.

Send a PM to 'Eye_Spy' if you want some top notch info (int??) on joining this mob - he knows the score.
Don't do the service cos you can't think of anything else. It'll do your head in. You need a bit of motivation :) . Go TAand assess if you want to do it. If you do, go commission, ideally long service. The biggest problem is when you are 30 ish and decide to leave and do something else and are confronted by the civvy. :) Also, if you decide you are committed, get that degree up a notch and show you can make an effort. People respect you for that, especially if you are a mong. Consider other options where the service ethos is present: The police gives options afterwards but only if you get rank. Trading standards (training is very hard i hear but a job for life), prison officer (very well paid but very hard work), nursing... well i could go on.

Like the army, all require just that tad of commitment. Pull your finger out and assess all options.
You're not Pete Doherty are you?? ;-)

22 is not too late to enlist. If you are prepared to get your head down and work, the Army is the way forward. WTF are you playing at having a missus at your age, especially while you are still at Uni? Your judgement is in question already. A career as a Royal Signals Officer awaits!
Guidance is sought, not 'seeked'.

With your predicted 3rd class degree you sound like the ideal candidate for Royal Signals Officer. It isn't Media Studies is it? It "Proves you can learn though" eh?
Thanks for the advice scattered amongst the inevitable sledging.

OldRedCap - i can assure you the above said 'lifestyle' was, for the most part, exaggerated and a poor effort to display humour - will learn to avoid this ;)

Sgt_Steiner - I'll be sure to bring a dictionary

I know i probably appear as an outsider here - but even from some of your posts on this thread it's helped a little - so thanks!

Oh, slopey_shoulders - I was more of a Football Manager 2005 player to be honest, and frankly the soon to be vacant England job doesn't interest me!
As the Interpreter and Darth observe, if you're dead set on a career in the ranks, consider Int Corps.

Equally, have a think about Sandhurst - there are pros and cons to a commission, but the commissioned classes around here will tell you that the life is better and you do get to be a Mess member immediately on appointment, as opposed to having to sweat for many years to be promoted into one - where the standards of behaviour required are far more onerous, incidentally ;) .

22 isn't old, but it will make you rather less willing to buy into the Phase I bull as much as the younger lads will.

Probably a good idea to look at the TA as an introduction, as well.
Go for it, I was 26 when I joined, older han all my troop DS except the Sgt, and he was the same age :D

It was an advantage to be honest, as long as you haven't let the fags and beer get to you too much!!

BTW, I'm 37 now, and still think its a fecking good job, despite some people's best efforts! :p

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