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first of all i would like to say hi to everyone and thanks in advance for any of your help. i always take a lok through the forums to keep up to speed but i was compelled to join as i cannot find the information i need . currently i am going through the pap10 procedure and im what you call clueless now . my paperwork was sent away to glasgow almost 2 months ago now and i have heard nothing back from no one ! why is this? also i would like to know what happens next in this process? i know a little bit about it but not enough . im not one of these people who are out to get everything they deserve i will take what im given and be happy with that...
but to start with im at my wits end sitting around all day doing nothing at my camp. our staff at our camp are civillians (rao) as it is a training establishment and my adjutant is new in post and isnt up to speed with my case properly yet so the question is who do i seek advice from on this and how much longer do i need to wait on things happening ?? all i want is some direction on where to go from here as i would like to get on with my life and not sit around .
kind regards
and thanks in advance.
One thing you should definitely do asap is get an interview with the IERO. At least then you can work out your entitlement to resettlement and start making a plan.
Regarless of how new the Adjt is that is your focal point. Realistically you're only interested in chap 10 of pap 10 so you really need to digest it. Also, you need to start making noises about your implications briefings - that's where you're going to get most of your info. Also, hunt out your welfare officer as he will be involved in the process.

Above all else you really need to get amongst this as it's happening to you. No one else is going to do it for you mate.

Speak to the Adjt and ask him to phone the SO1 OH APC. There is quite a delay at the moment, but most of it is down to administrative oversights. I would also reiterate what MWA says and insist on your implications brief. Speak to the RCMO and the IERO and it couldn't hurt to speak to SPVA. Good luck.

Rooster Out.

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