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Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Given that many threads have been repeated time and time again with constant retreads, quite frankly its getting a bit silly, so this guidance is to help to clarify a few points and prevent retreads.

    The ACF is a fantastic organisation be proud of working for it, we are part of the Big Army Family, we are an equal partner but different, we each have diffferent expertise in each area specific to our roles, some have served in the Regular, TA and ACF, some in two or even all three !

    for the purpose of this thread when a section is mentioned this means either 2 sections which will comprise of Regs/TA and ACF as the TA and Regulars work together a lot.

    we all make our contribution to the greater whole.

    The many Thread posts seemed to revolve round


    OFFICERS: they all hold the Queens Commission whether REG/TA/ACF, all should be saluted, remember It is not YOU that is being saluted, Its Her Majesty the Queen.

    NCOs: in each section there are ranks with authority in each sections, they are "real" only in their own section, neither has authority over the other, an ACF Rank has no power in the TA/reg, nor do the Regs/TA have any authority in the ACF without CRB clearance or a Red book, the ONLY exception is the Cadet Training Team which is staffed by regular soldiers.

    (NOTE: Members of the Public just don't care about your Rank whether ACF or Army, to be honest they don't give a fuck, so bickering about it serves no useful purpose)

    INSECURITY too many threads seemed to be about comparing the ACF to the Regs/TA and how lacking we might be in some areas or how Waltish we may look, the two CANNOT be compared like for like, our jobs is too different for comparision, if we don't show that we are proud of the ACF and its achievments, do you think any ex Soldiers is going to want to join an organisation that looks insecure about itself ?

    TRFs that seemed to be an issue best left to HQ Land and individual regiments to decide, go with the flow, if everybody in County is doing it , you do it, be proud of it if you are wearing it, don't flaunt it, that is Waltism.

    MEDALS Cadet Force medals if you can last 12 years in the ACF you truely have earned it ! wearing Medals means you have survived !, same for the Reg/TA any gong says you have done well, both are merits awards and should be worn proudly, if you receive a Jubilee medal wear it well as it is a gift from her Majesty for the Contributions you have made to the general good of society

    MESS KITS AND No2s wearing is permitted as long as you use the ACF titles, if you can afford a Mess kit, go ahead and get one if you want it, its a matter of personal choice. Service dress is the same, No2s are slightly cheaper again don't forget those ACF titles.

    WOs WRISTLETS wearing one is ok, as long as you have the rank.

    REGIMENTAL TIES it is ok to wear one, as long as you don't try to pass yourself of as a Reg/TA, it is ok to show that you are proud of the Regimental Family, in many Regiment there are four pillars to the Regimental Family, the Army, The TA, Regimental Association and the Army Cadets.

    WALTS No getting away from this one, they are everywhere, however they don't usually last long and find Cadets really hard work, are usually found friendless in the mess after having been found out, they soon clear off.

    NONCES the ACF attracts such types like flies to a honeypot, CRB clearances usually sorts most of them out, unfortunately 1% do get through, they give the ACF a bad name and the danger of all Instructors being tarred with the same brush, don't post threads about them, report them to the Authorities.

    COMMON COURTESY easily overlooked sometimes , Rank is not everything, a willingness to engage, meet with the Reg/TA halfway and making friends, makes a lot of difference to you, the Cadets and the Army guys, who would love to work with cadets and show off their Military stuff/Skills to them, gaining potential recruits and an appreciation of the Army is a positive benefit to both, some of the Soldiers may also consider joining the ACF when they leave the SMILE !!

    POLITICS its there like any big organisation, its hard to avoid, the trick is to rise above it, side step it all, focus on what we are here for, Cadets.

    ACF is a really great organisation, you have the power to influence the future generation for the good, many will hopefully will look back at the Cadet as the best times of their lives and will remember their favourite Instructor for many years to come, be a good ambassasdor of the Organisation, be positive about it, tell it to anyone in Uniform and give them good stories if you have any, beware it can be addictive !!

    the list above is not exhausive, more can be added and updated in some future date.

    before posting a thread, please check if it has already been posted, make it relevent, useful, no drivel, no crap, make it interesting, if you have any good ACF stories or funnies to tell, we would like to hear it !! :D
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  2. Well spoken. Is this the end of all those hand-wringing posts about rank, regimental dress and so on? Let's hope so. In particular, I hope people take your advice to look to their county for guidance on what may be worn or not.

    The ACF should promote what is best about the British armed forces. To do so, we can't help looking a bit military ourselves (even those of us who have no military experience whatsoever). That's not walting, it's showing due respect to those we want the cadets to emulate.
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  3. Semper I echo Silverstoat's remark I just fear that you have denied us all the opportunity to resurrect these threads ad nauseam. I suspect there are many of the non-Acf contibutors who will grieve now they are unable to pour scorn and abuse on some aspects of our work.

    Now can I just ask Is ACF rank real? Can I have an LSW for every cadet and most of all can I have a little tank like Lieutenant Gruber from Allo Allo for annual camp? NB all these are said for irony and humour.

    Seriously Semper good work and congratulations for the insight.
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  4. Semper = Wisdom. Thank god someone has the brains to put the law down. Cheers mate.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Rank Slides - failing to wear ACF branded rank slides may well result in you being called Walter Mitty.

    Badges to which you are not entitled (e.g. wings) - results as above.
  6. Very nice rules/tips/words of wisdom there semper, this ACF forum needs it, too many people mouthing off.
  7. you forgot Msr "and should come with a mandatory Flogging and public outing on bbc1 news night with the prince of darkness providing the strokes"

    Semper you continue to be the fountain of all ACF knowledge I thankyou for your wisdom................
  8. Well Said Semper. This should be made mandatory reading for all potential instructors to the ACF, then we'll stop hearing such things as the "war role" of the ACF. (Actually said to me by an ex reg!)
  9. That puts the record straight

    Top list Semper, :thumright:
  10. Get off the fence biscuits.
  11. Isn't this a walt MOD post?!
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  12. In the time taken to write this, I expect that the thread has been overtaken by unruly influences. Nevertheless, some constructive comments from outside the organisation:

  14. Wpeile: Correct. So you are saluting the fact that THAT OFFICER has been entrusted with the Sovereign's Commission. (It was silly of me to say rank, rather than commission, as it's ambiguous).

    The first part of the quote refers to the origins of compliments (of which saluting is one method). It doesn't infer that every officer is a personification of the Queen.
  15. SShould there be something about weddings in here?