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How when reading user mail in Unicom do you print on to laser printer or open the pdf screen ?


Already posted this in RHQ to ask the clerks, but not answer so thought, try here
with 1157's still sent on unicom, having problems with new pers. posted in, need to print off the user mail, to attach to existing 1157 blue books with maintain personal holding, but wont let me do it to dot matrix printer, need it to send to the pdf screen so I can print it on laser, but dont know to operate Officepower on this new system
Before you go into the functional software part, there is a bit on the homepage, bottom left. It shows your printer allocation and you can change that to print straight onto laser. If you only want to do it occasionally, you could hit preview whilst in functional software, which will pull it up as a pdf and then print off on your DII printer.
So why didn't you say that? :roll:

It's simple, you can't. The only thing I can suggest is rebro'ing the email to your DII mailbox and printing from there. I cannot figure out why it don't let you print it to a dot matrix. Has your SA had a look? The only 2 things I can think of are either your set to print to file or you've turned off your printer options. Once in officepower it works just like a qume so you should be able to send it to any printer.
At the risk of insulting your intelligence, when you are viewing your email, look at the function keys at the bottom and one will say 'forward'. F6 I think but I'm probably wrong. This will bring up a new email screen. Whilst in the 'to' box, press 'Del' button IN THE NUM PAD ONLY. In office power the num pad has different uses. This will give you the list of every email address it can find in the tri-service directory. Don't try to scroll down because you will literally be there ages. Hit '2' in the num pad and will give you a search box. Put in your name and hit 'enter'. Keep hitting '2' and 'enter' until you pull up yourself up. Once found, hit the '0' in the num pad to return to the email. Then hit F3 to send. If you cannot find yourself, the other option is to send an email from your LAND account to your UNICOM. You then need to add your LAND email address to your distribution list. I'll save that lesson for when I need to.


Again sorry if I went a bit 'Janet and John'. It's the problem with being an SA for 6 years. If I don't stop now I'll start on the second page of UNICOM emails and how to send one time delayed. :roll:
Balls, just remembered that you'll be using GUI. Instead of the num pad use that daft pad on the right of the screen. Use the button is the same position as the numbers I mentioned are on your num pad.

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