Guests for mess functions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. The 'supportive' mrs P has decided she doesn't want to attend our Xmas ball (which is better than normal having wasted my money at several events this year by backing out at the last minute)

    So who is acceptable? One friend - who is a girl - used to be a siggie, I guess thats ok (but maybe not to her indoors)???

    Guess I could have put this in the Sgts/Officers forum but was interested in the TA spin on this topic.
  2. Unless you are looking for the lump of coal as a Xmas pressie think there may be someone else you need to get the blessing from before us, my bold.

    Failing that if not serving take who you want, if serving spk to the Presiding Member first if its a Mess do. Remember though whoever you take is your guest so Port fines/extras are yours too.
  3. In most parts of the country a suitable guest for the evening can be hired for less than one thousand English pounds. Do not be tempted to go cheap, you gets what you pays for!
  4. been to a few mess functions where blokes have brought their bit of fluff to the said do and it can often be awkward for mess members partners if they know your mrs. one bloke even got a mate to invite his bit and her husband that was really funny been as bits husband was a complete nob so just be careful. also was said sig ever a senior or just a junior for standards and behaviour :D
  5. Go on Polar - post it in Lonely Hearts as well!
  6. Also check with the PMC that there wont be any additional charge. Some mess functions will say if its your wife or partner she wont have to pay but if a guest it could cost you £20-£60. The way out of this would be to tell everyone shes your new girlfriend and expect your bolloxs being chopped off by her in doors.
  7. Just a Sig but had recommendations for going a lot higher, like into my current job and more.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Can you take someone from work and send the bill to SaBRE?

  9. Polar: There are a few wives over on RP that are bitter and twisted that their spouse's work Ball has been cancelled, not organized etc... maybe you could take one of them? I'm sure hubs of said wives would be more than happy to buy you a drink or ten for the trouble...