Guess whos politician of the year?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hawk7814, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. 8O I could almost predict this one happening.... Though I didn't know they gave awards to each other!

    From the BBC
  2. Oh FFS 8O

    Don't make it obvious or anything, eh? Nah, it shouldn't surprise me really, but 8O
  3. Did you see his sycophantic dribble? He'd like to "give it to Gordon Brown next year"... I'm sure he would!
    :hump: :pukel:
  4. I think it's hilarious that:

    a) Labour honestly believe that Mandelson will be their saviour, despite the fact that he's probably the only politician universally despised by people of all political creeds.

    b) Labour, and others, believe that being a 'sharp political operator' and a 'brilliant politician' is a good thing. It's like touting somebody as a 'brilliant salesman'. It certainly doesn't make you want to buy from them...
  5. Erm............

    Nick Griffen? :D
  6. [​IMG]

    We must learn to love Big Brother…
  7. Not a mention of Vince Cable anywhere. If there has been any politician whos been on top of the economic problems and succeeded in asked all the right awkward questions then its him. Don't like the mans politics but his integrity seems excellent

    Adonis winning Minister of the year. Yep he seems to have taken the moribund transport dept and made them actually do some work.

    No sign of Aintworth appearing for an award :)
  8. The fact that this Machiavellian character, twice resigned from office for impropriety, has been given yet another 'honour' by the higher establishment speaks volumes about the standard of our current leadership.

    P.S. Is that the 'dead hand of government' on Boris's shoulder in the photo?
  9. Set of fcuking back-slapping self congratulating barstards, the lot of them. :x
    I'd like to line them all up against a wall and let rip with a bren gun.
    Why a bren? Because I'm feeling nostalgic.

    Annie get your gun, Annie get your gun, Annie get your gun...
  10. The Dark Lord Mandelsonofabitch aka he who shall not be named is already giving it to Brown hence his meteoric rise in the Ministry of Magic. (hand vom)

    We are currently lacking in a suitable Harry Potter - I am just not sure that Cameron is up to the gig.
  11. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king..... hang on the one eyed man is already king! that ain't gonna work.

    Anyway to be a politician you need to be a snake, old Mandy is the biggest snake of all, so it follows he is the best politician. You forget this award is worked with reverse logic. If a politician is good then his days are numbered, he may end up telling the truth!! so he would never get a vote from his colleagues.....
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It was all going rather well until I saw they'd awarded something to whorecretin. That's it, game over.

    Mutual wnaking society is all it is!
  13. Sadly, by the criteria that politicians seem to think important Lord Mandemort actually is the best.

    Which might explain my increasing mood-swings and chronic Tourettes.
  14. Gosh, and I thought Spectator readers voted for them.
  15. Are Spectator readers lefties then - or just politicians?