Guess which Plod get bollocking from HM Coroner for destroying evidence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Coroner orders probe as Kent Police throw away suicide note left by Strood taxi driver Christopher Sherwood

    Our training was that sealed notes should only be opened by HM Coroner and ALL notes must be presented as Inquest evidence.

    The law is that each individual constable is individually answerable to HM the Queen sole fount of justice. So what is all the bollix about a chain of supervision ? He didn't ask a senior officer ? All very well but what happens when he is investigating the senior officer or someone the senior officer wants to protect. The very reason all constables are equal in Crown rank and individually responsible for the discharge of their duty.

    This is the reason one officer is the HM Coroners Officer. ONE officer hiding behind no one and ultimately answerable.

    This is the reason objections were (Unsuccessfully) made years ago to Pc Kim Burgess becoming a rural beat officer where he would carry out Coroners Officer duties. He had been convicted in office for perverting the course of justice. And allowed to keep his Kent Plod career. After his conviction he was schools liaison officer in Thanet. A beacon of example to the area's youth. If you want to get away with it be a Kent copper.

    Then he was posted to a rural beat. That which was home to the notorious 6th Thanet Gun Range.

    At an inquest what is his word worth "I do not suspect foul play". The word of a convicted criminal liar who broke his oath of office to the Queen. Every inquest he gave evidence at would suffer a flaw under S 13 Coroners Act 1988. Irregularity.

    The HM Coroner duty is to allay suspicion. What on the basis of the word of a criminal liar ?
  2. Bounce Banana, we are going to have a whip round for a one way trip to a nice resort called veritas, they make nice cocktails!

    any other arrser want to chip in,
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  3. £5 on its way-all in a good cause !!
  4. Guns

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    Crazy as it sounds after the week I've had its nice to see a BB/KK rant on Kent police. Sort reminds me of certain constants in the world.
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  5. that must have been one bad mfking week if it takes bb to cheer you up !! by the way what you having for tea !?
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    NATO meeting in Brussels. I hate Brussels, it is one of the dirtiest places I have visited and I've visited a fair few places with the Navy. Full of beggars and general a crap place to visit. The young summer interns at NATO HQ make up for it.

    Crumpets. We miss crumpets in the land of the moose and this trip over the Atlantic means I have stocked up on goodies.
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    I can imagine the poor FOI sap on receiving an email from him. A little part of his soul will die and inside he shed a tear. He could have joined the FCO as a Fast Track you know, could have been someone. Now he has to wade through the dross of the internet and deal with moon howlers.

    I can see why the MoD CS put such a strong case to disband his UFO department and own job.
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  8. I do like the FOI officer's response:

    1 May 2013

    Dear Mr Card

    Thank you for your email to the Attorney General's Office in which you make a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

    However it is not possible from your email to identify what information you are seeking from this office. Could I ask that you re-phrase your request as succulently as possible as to what information it is you seek.

    Yours sincerely

    James Ross

    Exactly what is a succulent request?
    Freedom of Information Officer
  9. You utterly dull box of underpant
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  10. You are a kunt
  11. He's right on this. Any one throwing away a 'Suicide Note' deserves to have a new ARRSE ripped. Unbelievable!

    It is difficult to be sure from the reporting but a number of failings seem obvious. Why wasn't it 'bagged and tagged' (exhibited) by the Officer seizing it and at least an entry made in the Station Special Property Book? It should then have been attached to the 'Blue Form' (Sudden Death Form) and handed to the Coroners Officer (a Plod on each Area who works for the Coroner) Why was it not stored in the correct location, the Property Office? So, this begs the question; was it lying around as a loose note on someone's desk until they decided time for a desk tidy? Finally, what sort of ignorant drongo throws away a suicide note prior to the Coroner's Court?

    When I was in training it was drummed into us time and time again that the one thing during our service that would return to bite us in the arse was Special Property (that's anything seized by the Plod)

    This is basic, basic stuff. Again, unbelievable!
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  12. You befuddled old bugger, don't you mean dignitas?

    Actually your way is funnier, I'm still laughing.
  13. Bugger. I was hoping it was Gwent. After watching the latest PCC based shenanigans with much amusement I was hoping it was something else.

    But, true to form, Knocknee's nothing if predictable.

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  14. You're definitely not in Alberta then mate. It's like models inc around these parts. Though we could do with one of your canoes at the mo.

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