guess the nsn

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. right heres a little gem that i came across earlier today. i think that this would make a great game and would maybe help troops who have qm depts that cant be bothered to get the latest bit of kit on the shelfs
    heres my starter for 10.


    now if you guess correctly then report to your qm and collect your prize, a crate maybe in order though to claim though. :wink:
  2. I think you're aiming at a real niche audience there.
  3. I'll play for a while:

    Boots combat or shoes hightop, lether, army type - size 9

    Codified by MOD Defence Clothing IPT, NIIN assignment date 03/04/2006

    No QM anymore, just NMCRL CD - so not really a guess I guess
  4. is it the NSN for a life?(something that some of us obviously need to get at some point)
  5. close murielson but no cigar, size is bang on though
  6. Toppers, have a shuftie through my diffies (like you haven't done already). There is bound to be something like that (a life/item of mil eqpt) up there somewhere. No. You won't find it in my knicker drawer. Front bedroom, the one that looks like the QM's skip.
  7. The CD containing all active NSNs that I got the info from cares to differ - unless of course the details have been entered in error.

    So it is the information that can be bought and used by defence contractors that is in error - maybe I will ask for a refund or you should check your info.
  8. You lot need to get out more>...........................
  9. CD.. latest issue?
  10. murielson.ahh, one of the anomilies of the system, however looked again and you are correct. however these aren't any old boots these are m&s boots mate. LOWAS - boots combat for the use of.
    however you cannot claim your prize as you currently hold the disk.
  11. My CD reckons it's an oven-ready badger.
  12. I am at work and it is 3 Jan 08 - how many customers from the MOD do you think are calling me today?? This little task constituted an alternative to the other sites I am visiting.
  13. Can you get youporn on your system?
  14. going on this site at work, have an SCOC disc in my brill DII/loonicom terminal,bit of a daft quiz really
  15. warrior, you're quite right mate, it is abit daft, however if you, for example posted the nsn for a cup thermal (screw on type lid, no handle). which is available through the system then you would maybe save the troops afew sheckles down the local rip off supplies r us. not all qm stores use the system correctly or dont even know that half of the kit exists (that may only be our stores though). 8O