Guerrillas in the mists of time....

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 17, 2008.

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  2. Very interesting article, the Spanish do have a point, our Army wasnt all over Spain, vast tracts were fought,defended by the Spanish Guerrillas, but whilst they did their bit, unless Wellington etc hadnt defeated the main French Armies, then well Spain would have stayed under French control.

    However is nice to see someone else gloating over defeating the French, mind you hasnt everyone :)
  3. Sixty

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    Would have thought that the Portuguese may have got a mention as well since they also fought a guerilla campaign and were very heavily involved in conventional warfighting.
  4. My bold- balls! Have they never read any Sharpe?
  5. I feel your outrage
  6. BuggerAll

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    Have the Italians ever defeated the French? What a war that would be:

    "2 UN observers where swamped when a Division of Italian soldiers threw down their arms and demanded UN protection. The UN observers where already dealing with 10,000 French soldiers who had 'downed guns' and are demanding to fed pate and French bread washed down with cheap red wine."
  7. Sixty

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    What on earth are you banging on about, you retard? It was an observation, nothing more.
  8. Conveniently Forgotten,prior to their "War of Independence", Spain was an ally of France,fighting against England.

    Maybe we should go over and celebrate,the Battle of Cape St Vincent,or the Battle of Trafalgar,just to remind the Two Faced Bast**ds,eh? :wink:
  9. At least we get a mention, according to the French they liberated Europe on their own in '44 8O
  10. Let's be fair, You rarely here of the other nationalities that took part at Waterloo, it was only the British against the French to read most reports.
    Apart from the Dutch who Sharpe sorted out LOL)
  11. Aint theat the americans?
  12. Trust me, I go to France often and still argue that the Uk and Commonwealth Troops were even there!