"Gucci" Torch that saves space and time

Dear All,

I have found a great little torch from Gerber which really solves 4 problems in one.

It has 4 filters;

Green - for map reading
Red - to protect night vision
Blue - so you can identify blood
White - no tac moves.

All from one AA battery and the red filter even has a groove to prevent you turning on the wrong one.

Costs around £25 from the following supplier

Reg No. 5353865
T 023 8062 0234 (Tel/Fax)
E sales.enquiry@milkitdirect.co.uk

A 42 Ascot Court, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1HG
M Distribution/Sales 07859 923 124 or

Procurement/Sales 07859 923 125




No, seriously, it will really help with all the 'Identifying Blood' I have to do!
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