Gucci Kit, whats too much?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by KINGO, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi all, Just wondered what you all thought about the gucci kit and whats too much and whats not, wearing wise, webbing ect?

    I have an uncle who lives out in the states and is quite pally with this guy who comes into his pub and he works in a surplus store. Now, we know what the yanks are like for the 'ald gucci gear and some "excess" stock has recently come my way, my uncle being ex Infantry, he knows the score like and kindly sent me some goodies over for me....but in truth I think the pish would be really be extracted if I wore some of it in the field....but anyways I recieved:

    A 30 round magazine leg holster which holds two mags and can be worn on the belt or dropped down on your leg.

    A security belt kit (which is basically the same as our working green belts but black and has different acssesories on like penknfie pouch, torch and survival tin pouches, which can be taken off)

    LBE Bands (which I have anyways, which are used to maybe attach kit ect ect)

    Black knee and elbow pads.

    US Army ear plugs (the orange ones which come in a tin)

    Neoprene shooting gloves (which are water proof and wind proof)

    Meraklon Hat (which again is windproof and can be worn under you helmet)

    Viper Dump Bag (which, like the mag holster can be worn on the belt or dropped down onto your leg and is used for the storage of grenades or empty mags, our resi's fit in nicely too)

    I'm quite keen on a few of them, including that dump bag as your resi fit smug and can be worn on the side of the leg so no resi pouch swinging like **** or bouncing off you if you clip it onto your COP vest....the leg holster for your mags sounds easier too....Seen a few guys wearing them..

  2. Give me one of your kneepads **** face!, thats all I would bother with. Great in a fibua environment, yes you may look a tw@t at first, but you'll be a tw@t with pain free knees.
  3. :lol: aye, my thoughts mate...
  4. was you out today?
  5. Nah, still recoverin from 4 operations that I've had to have over the past year, won't be back with the company till next year....I hope..
  6. why whats up mate?
  7. I had a minor problem with some muscles in my back which happened during Slovakia and flared up again training for Iraq with 1 Cheshire, and the main problem was a thing called a Pilonidal Sinus, basically instead of growing outwards, the hairs grow in and I had to have that removed and theres been a few probems with the healing so thats why it's taking so long for me to get back training again....

    Bored sh1tless and itching to get back....
  8. sounds nasty mate, hope your feeling better anyhow
  9. Yeah, not to bad now cheers mate.....Fingers crossed I'll be back sooner rather than later, wether the lads want that though is another question...:lol:
  10. Knee pads are the way forward for OBUA mate,

    couple of lads (me included) took some of the big chunky US ones to gib on ex marble tor, got the piss taken for a few days-until every one else was whining about painful knees after crawling around in the tunnels!

    some of the other stuff sounds a bit waltish :wink:
  11. Knee and elbow pads are deff the way ahead. I had to have major surgery on my left knee, and now I prefer to wear a pad, so people try to take the mick for 10 mins, until you have to adopt any position other than prone and then they all came up to me after asking where I got them from!

    I started using elbow pads back in the mid '90's after going on a sharpshooters course and all the DS had them. Ok, they were the foam inserts from ammo tins, but still the same.

    The dump bag is a top idea, better than trying to use the 'Brecon Pouch' when doing a mag change on the move with CBA on and lead wasps flying around your ears!
  12. In truth I've been thinking about knee pads for a while, I've had past knee trouble which has cleared up now but knee pads, especially in urban areas as already said, is now pretty much a must for me thinking about it. As for the other bits of kit, I'll definately use them depending on what we're doing as they're pretty much all usefull...

    Wether I get the 'wee wee' taken out of me or not, if your comfy and it's easier for you in the field then thats all that matters....:)
  13. Are these the pads you mean?

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  14. Similar, except these have got pink fluff around the edges...
  15. "lead wasps " :lol: is that off your face party entry Carlos? Some people have a deep seated hatred of hats under helmets
    and pouches worn on legs are a bit waltastic . rest of stuff ok if it works it isn't stupid .