Gucci issue kit we are unlikely to see

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by oldcolt, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Just doing an article for our VERY unnoficial company rag mag and have a spot called 'the window of no' where we display a photo of a piece of kit that is well ally and is, technically, available on issue but; which most mere mortals wont have a scoobies of ever getting near. Suggestions and links to pics would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. Easily the AW50.

  4. Ally? Definately! From the armourer - never! From the storeman ('window of no' remember) not applicable. But thanks for the thought :p
  5. I'd still marry it and have little babies (L96s?) with it.
  6. Ditto! Due to fire one on my sniper course back in '96 but a bit of fog came down on the range and put the mockers on it. My mate, who went the year after, DID get to fire it and never misses an opportunity to remind me of that fact :x
  7. Fired the Barret whilst playing with the Americans (5 rds, barely hit a thing) - that was fun!
  8. Okay, okay so everyone bar me has fired the fecking thing!!! Now lets get back to the point of this post before I get really pissed off! LOL
  9. I can promise you that the AW50 (or the OW W50 as its commonly known) is a beast, its by far the most accurate thing on the battlefield but it hurts like f**k. I don't think it hurts the firer quite as much as it hurts the tgt though!

    Oh and by the way thats an old photo, the muzzle brake/flash has now been changed.

    Yours with a dull ache in the right shoulder

  10. sniper tape! where does it go?!

    got a mate who's a storeman in the RAF who gets it for me. he says they have piles there but in the Army we never seem to see it. except on the dets.. where at the end the SSM either wants to see the unused roll returned, the half used roll returned, or the empty roll returned, but not nothing.

    what is it with that stuff?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Change that flash suppressor for something that makes it much quieter and helps with recoil too and you've got a winner.

    The much quieter thing being a 'Quicksilver' titanium .50 moderator. I understand that Accuracy and RPA may very well be having a squizz at these mods soon - not to mention that the new Ratheon-produced US Marine Corps Sniper Rifle already uses them.

    It just so 'appens that I 'ave one on my Tikka - and it beats the T8, JetZ, Predator 8, T4 and all the others into a cocked hat in terms of noise reduction - and it's light.
  12. sniper tape .
    The patrol pack Well for ta it is .
    Or how about the air support bergan huge and lots of pockets probably the only non issuse bergan worth buying .
    They make those rifles in portsmouth they dont have a factory outlet shop
    though :cry: .
  13. Like the sniper tape idea... simple but SO true! Keep the ideas coming folks! :)
  14. Washing powder? Hardly Gucci, but there's supposed to be some available from the Q that doesn't "destroy the IRR properties". Or have I been Wah'd?

    DPM under-armour shirts (UBACS?) with temperate sleeves? Whilst I appreciate that European based training ain't the desert, I sweat cobs with a smock over ECBA during the gentlest of section attacks.

    GPMG link made of ultra lightweight magic/helium alloy.

    DPM Cornetto's.
  15. Tangent... Not speaking from experience but surely it shouldn't be too difficult to replace ECBA with Osprey across all the Army. You wouldn't have to buy the expensive real ceramic plates, just steel ones which mimic the weight. From what I can tell on ARRSE the two are vastly different in use and comfort and such a change would enhance training realism seeing as ECBA is rarely used on deployment anymore.