Gucci bits of kit!!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mac7778, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Ok then..................

    Whats the one bit of kit that you never go on exercise without?? :?:

    The one bit of kit that makes the coldest, wetest, most miserable day in your shell scrape just that little bit more bareable?? :?:
  2. Aladdin flask/cup. Dont leave home without one.
  3. It used to be a tin opener - having experienced a batch of the old canned rat packs that were missing them.
  4. in this day and age i try not to go in the field but if i do its definately a softee and a mobile phone
  5. And the numbers of the local take-aways that do deliveries. ;)
  6. Apparently there is one in Sennelager that will deliver to a grid ref. No, I don't know the number.
  7. It used to be a Herfe Handbag
  8. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Bottle of baileys
  9. What ever newist gizziset I have brought normally loosing or breaking it
    distracts me rom the misery .Number of times I have cut myself with new knives or burned myself with stoves (leaning over a peak stove with a cammed helmet was impressive thank fcuk it was before u tube :D ) lighters etc makes me think I have some sort of exspensive self harming
    syndrome ? Or maybe I am just a clumsy fckwit ?
  10. G1098 truck + Sqn Master Chef.

    Never leave home without it.

    Edited to add; Oh - this is the infantry forum, I'm so sorry.

    Um, then it has to be a sharpened spoon or bag for my poo or something.
  11. Yes on both counts.
  12. jet boil, softie bag and as engr172 said- baileys!
  13. Aladdin mug.

    You may talk of the rapture of religious revelation; you may wax enthusiastic about fine wines and foods to whet the most jaded palate; you may even extol the virtues of rare narcotics or deviant sexual congress.

    Nothing compares to the delights of a hot brew straight after a piiss-wet stag, courtesy of a switched on oppo and a standardised packing arrangement. Except (perhaps) putting on a dry pair of socks.
  14. Memories, had to have plenty of yellow handbags for when we would throw a track on Abbotts or M109's. Then the theiving nutstanglers would rip us of for 2 - 3 cases before offering any help.

    Dry exercises my arrse.